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Six "female diagnoses" for which laparoscopy can help

Our clinic provides diagnostics and treatment of a wide range of gynaecological diseases and infertility. Doctor Anton Babushkin of the LIPEX clinic talks about classical and new approaches to the treatment of gynaecological problems using this method.

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Aesthetic medicine
Bringing back the youth to our hands

Hands are our main tool, thanks to which we can do thousands of different actions. And since they are always in our line of sight, I want them to look good. Modern aesthetic medicine offers many rejuvenating treatments for our hands.

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A new specialist
A new obstetrician-gynaecologist has joined our team!
Meet our newest specialist – obstetrician-gynaecologist and reproductologist Nellia Seymushkina who now accepts patients in our clinic.
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Laparoscopic surgery: a modern approach to the treatment of gynecological problems
Diseases of the reproductive system, which for women once sounded like a death sentence, are being successfully treated thanks to innovations in medicine. One way to minimize surgical intervention, avoid rough scars, and recover faster is laparoscopy. The advantages of this method are shared by the gynaecologist of our clinic - Anton Babushkin.
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Eduard Yurshevich: “We keep what we have, we improve what we want”
“The Current trend in plastic surgery is to perform operations so that the appearance of the face does not change, but improves, while preserving all the anatomical structures and to minimize the postoperative period by avoiding complications.” Full interview with Eduard Yurshevich.
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Lipex clinic greets a new vein disease treatment specialist!

A new specialist, Dr. Pavel Zhibenko, has been receiving patients at the Lipex clinic since October. Dr. Zhibenko specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of vein and artery diseases, especially in the lower extremities.

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Fast skin rejuvenation with GeneO +

GeneO + is a new device for complex skin care: for non-invasive and comfortable procedures for rejuvenation and healing. Main advantages – the device is suitable for men and women, people of any age and with any skin type.

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Treating alopecia
Treating alopecia: FUE hair transplantation with no scars
FUE hair transplantation is a way to solve the problem of hair loss forever.
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Urinary incontinence - a delicate issue that should not be ignored

Pelvic prolapse and stress urinary incontinence are often examples of situations where patients silently live with daily discomfort, trying to "endure" the condition. In such cases, you should not hesitate, but turn to specialists for help. Gynecologist of the Lipex clinic Anton Babushkin explains how modern medicine can successfully solve both of these delicate problems.

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VelaShape III for battling cellulite and excess weight

Getting rid of excess volume in the hips and at the waist, reducing cellulite and tightening the skin in just eight weeks. This is impossible to do with only proper nutrition, lifestyle and constant physical activity. But if you add the weekly VelaShape procedure, reaching this goal will be more realistic. In our clinic there is a new device for treating cellulite and reducing body volume - VelaShape III. The third-generation device, unlike its predecessors, is safer and more efficient.

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Plastic surgery
Six misconceptions about blepharoplasty
How to effectively remove bags around the eyes? Blepharoplasty will help – it is a method that allows you to look at the world with eyes wide open. Plastic surgeon, MD Eduard Yurshevich debunks myths about the most popular aesthetic surgery.
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