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Treating alopecia
Treating alopecia: FUE hair transplantation with no scars
FUE hair transplantation is a way to solve the problem of hair loss forever.
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The clinic has expanded the range of planned manipulations
Starting with May 13, the clinic has expanded the list of medical services provided. From May 20, some elective surgeries will also resume. All services are provided strictly in accordance with epidemiological precautions.
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Eduard Yurshevich: “We keep what we have, we improve what we want”
“The Current trend in plastic surgery is to perform operations so that the appearance of the face does not change, but improves, while preserving all the anatomical structures and to minimize the postoperative period by avoiding complications.” Full interview with Eduard Yurshevich.
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Myomas: in what cases is a surgery needed?
Myomas can be considered one of the most pressing gynecological problems. But the problem is that each case of this disease is practically unique: symptoms can vary from none to very serious, tactics of treatment - from regular monitoring to urgent surgical intervention. What is a myoma, and why does it take so many different guises? Gynecologist, specialist at the “Lipex” clinic, Anton Babushkin clarifies.
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Plastic surgery
Removal or replacement of breast implants. What do women want to know?
Breast augmentation or reconstruction using implants is one of the most popular types of plastic surgery. Trends began to change when some celebrities defiantly began to remove implants to restore their natural look. Fashion or necessity? The doctor of medical sciences Eduard Yurshevich reassures: one should not be subjected to general hysteria. And he explains in which cases the removal of implants is justified.
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Special offer
LIPEX Gift Card – a universal present
What to gift your best friend, your dear mother, sister or colleague? What to give to your significant other? We offer a great idea for a gift – a way for you to show that you care for the health and beauty of your loved ones!
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Laser treatment of skin problems
Diode laser for hair removal - effective, painless and with no burns
There are different ways to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. But the best method with a lasting effect is laser hair removal. A multifunctional diode laser, unlike its “colleagues,” has a number of tangible advantages: the procedure is available for any type of skin, can be used on different areas and at any time of the year. We offer our clients hair removal using the equipment of the German company “Asclepion” – “MeDioStar_Monolith”.
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Plastic surgery
Six misconceptions about blepharoplasty
How to effectively remove bags around the eyes? Blepharoplasty will help – it is a method that allows you to look at the world with eyes wide open. Plastic surgeon, MD Eduard Yurshevich debunks myths about the most popular aesthetic surgery.
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Tinnitus, dizziness and deafness
Three operations that solve these problems – interview with otorhinolaryngologist Andrejs Lifšics
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