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Aesthetic medicine Aesthetic cosmetology Six procedures that can restore the youthfulness of the hands

Six procedures that can restore the youthfulness of the hands

Six procedures that can restore the youthfulness of the hands

Nothing betrays the age of a woman as the condition of the skin of her hands. Wrinkles, age spots, prominent vascular network are inevitable signs of aging. In addition, adverse environmental factors and exposure to household chemicals do not make the skin more beautiful. Aesthetic procedures will help to restore youthfulness and a well-groomed appearance to your hands.

Biorevitalization - treatment against dry skin

To moisturize the skin of the hands, biorevitalizants based on hyaluronic acid can be used. For a greater effect, anti-dystrophic drugs based on amino acids are also used.

Biorevitalization helps to tone the skin, saturate it with moisture and prevent further dehydration.

Hyaluronic acid and amino acids are injected into the skin on the back of the hand using a fine needle. After getting into the skin, the drugs start the process of producing their own collagen and elastin.

The procedure can be performed at a young age to prevent early aging.

Fillers for hand rejuvenation

With age, due to a decrease in the volume of soft tissues under the skin, veins begin to appear through the skin, while the skin itself becomes denser, coarser, covered with a network of fine wrinkles, and "knuckle pads" appear on the hands. When the subcutaneous fat is lost, correction by injection is suitable for replenishing the lost volume.

Filler injections are done on the back of the hands. A medium-density filler fills and smoothes wrinkles, helps to restore water balance, and increases skin turgor.

To fill the deep folds of skin that form with age between the phalanges, a dense polymer material is used that does not dissolve for a long time.

Dense fillers, the main component of which is a suspension of polycaprolactone microspheres, are similar in effect to fillers based on hyaluronic acid. They are also biocompatible and are 100% excreted from the body immediately after they fulfill their purpose. Prolonged results are not achieved through moisture retention, but through the natural production of new collagen.

The procedure is carried out when these signs are observed.

Laser resurfacing against pigmentation

This method of aesthetic medicine is also aimed at rejuvenating the dorsum of the hands. During resurfacing, wrinkles are smoothed, flabbiness, age spots and dry skin are eliminated. After the procedure, the skin receives a powerful impetus for the regeneration and formation of its own collagen.

Some time after the session, the dermis becomes more youthful and elastic.

During the procedure, the patient may feel a slight burning sensation. Therefore, the resurfacing is performed under local anesthesia. The optimal time for laser resurfacing of hands is from October to April.

It is also possible to remove the vascular pattern on the hands this way.

PRP-therapy against the aging of the skin on the hands

PRP-therapy (plasmolifting) is a procedure for rejuvenating the deep layers of the epidermis with its own blood plasma. This method has been used with proven effectiveness for both face and hand rejuvenation.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is injected under the skin. PRP therapy activates the skin's ability to heal itself.

Plasma therapy is used to combat wrinkles, thinning of the skin, reduced elasticity and tone, the manifestation of age-related skin changes.

Lipofilling - a pronounced long-lasting effect

Lipofilling of the hands is a low-traumatic but effective method of introducing own fat into the tissues of the back of the hands. The procedure allows to achieve a pronounced rejuvenation of the skin, give it elasticity and eliminate wrinkles.

It is worth resorting to lipofilling if the skin is flabby, and the subcutaneous fat layer is thinned, which makes the hands look bony with protruded veins. Lipofilling is used for thin and stretched skin, if the cause of visual changes is an insufficient amount of adipose tissue.

Fat cells are the best way to rejuvenate the hands, because own fat is not rejected by the body, does not provoke allergies, and does not dissolve over time as fillers.

For hand lipofilling, adipose tissue is taken from the thighs and abdomen, where the material is most suitable in structure.

The resulting fatty material is processed and transferred to the back of the hand, then evenly distributed. The average volume of injected fat is about 20-30 ml in each hand. The manipulation is carried out using micro-punctures, the traces from which heal quickly and are not visible.

The hands are the one area where lipofilling gives the best results.

The procedure is recommended for patients at least 35-40 years old.

Botulinum toxin A for sweating palms

Botulinum toxin A is not only a remedy for fighting wrinkles on the face. It is often used to block sweat glands and treat hyperhidrosis. If this drug is injected into the palms of the hands, they will stop sweating. After 6-8 months, the procedure must be repeated, otherwise the effect will be temporary.

The drug is injected into the problem area. To make the procedure as painless as possible, an ointment with an anesthetic effect can be applied to the problem area.

The procedure can be performed on a patient of any age, over 18 years old.

Any of these procedures are available at our clinic. For a personal consultation or to make an appointment with one of our certified dermatologists, call the number of our reception - 67333322.

We will give your hands beauty and youth!

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