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Aesthetic medicine Non Surgical Rejuvenation Fast skin rejuvenation with GeneO +

Fast skin rejuvenation with GeneO +

Fast skin rejuvenation with GeneO +

GeneO + is a new device for complex skin care: for non-invasive and comfortable procedures for rejuvenation and healing. Main advantages – the device is suitable for men and women, people of any age and with any skin type.


GeneO + includes in itself four technologies that can be combined with each other as well as with other cosmetic manipulations. In addition, GeneO + can be used as a rehabilitation procedure after plastic surgery and laser manipulations on the face or in the cleavage area.

OxyGeneo (oxygenation)

This procedure helps to cleanse the upper layers of the skin, increase blood circulation in the tissues, and saturate the skin with oxygen. The manipulation is performed using the special OxyGeneo handle.

During the procedure, carbon dioxide is released from the skin. In other words, this procedure can be called non-invasive carboxytherapy. As a result, the vessels expand, blood flow in the tissues increases. A special gel with biologically active additives is applied to the skin, which helps to increase metabolism.

This procedure is aimed at improving the appearance of the skin and slowing down the aging process.


This is a procedure for lifting and improving skin firmness. The effect on the dermis is carried out using radio frequency. During the procedure, the skin is heated to a comfortable temperature (42 degrees). Thanks to this heating, collagen fibers contract and an instant lifting occurs, which is visible immediately after the procedure. In addition, the effect can be lasting.

The result of the procedure: skin tightening, smoothing of fine wrinkles.


This is a procedure for the administration of biologically active substances through the skin. Serums with minerals, collagen preparations, vitamins are injected into the skin. Unlike the similar sonophoresis procedure, the Ultrasound geneO + handpiece captures a large area of ​​skin.

Neomassage - intensive massage

The procedure allows for effective drainage of the skin and speeds up the elimination of metabolic products through the lymphatic system. At the same time, the massage normalizes muscle tone.


Result: fine wrinkles are smoothed, pores are narrowed, bags under the eyes, puffiness and signs of fatigue are eliminated.

who is this procedure for?

GeneO + skin care procedures can be done at any age. GeneO + will help with puffiness and dull complexion, enlarged pores, first wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes reduced turgor.


If you have such diseases and skin problems as:

  • skin damage,
  • herpes,
  • oncological diseases,
  • epilepsy,
  • excessive tanning (the procedure cannot be carried out within seven days after active tanning),

7-14 days before the procedure, scrubs and chemical peels should not be used.

is the procedure painful?

Any procedure with the GeneO + device is painless and does not cause any discomfort. After the procedure, no traces remain on the face, except for the main effect - improved and radiant skin. This procedure is rightfully called express-lifting - when you want to achieve a quick but lasting effect. Do it in the morning and you can go out in the evening already.

The effect of one procedure lasts 3-4 days. If you want a long-term effect, you need to go through at least 8-10 procedures.

HOW LONG DOES GeneO+ take?

Any of the three GeneO + techniques takes from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to perform. It all depends on the selected procedure, combination of procedures and the zone (you can use the device to treat the face, neck, décolletage and hands).

To achieve a lasting effect, a course of 8-10 procedures is recommended.

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