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Patient information Consultations A new specialist – a mastologist

A new specialist – a mastologist

A new specialist – a mastologist

Egils Purmalis is a surgeon at the Breast Surgery Department of the Latvian Oncology Center. He specializes in all types of breast surgery, reconstructive breast surgery after tumor surgery. Treats benign and malignant neoplasms of the breast.

He is a member of the Latvian Association of Surgeons and the Latvian Association of Oncologists.

In our LIPEX clinic, Egils Purmalis consults women on an outpatient basis on formations and any changes in the mammary gland, according to the results of mastological examinations, histology and cytology, ultrasound examination of the mammary gland.

It is necessary to check with a mastologist if a woman has the following symptoms:

painful thickenings in the armpit

discharge from the breast

darkening of the areolas or changes in the shape of the breast

tightness in the chest

skin changes in the chest area that were not there before

soreness and tenderness of the breast

problems with the hormonal background and the menstrual cycle.

You can make an appointment with a mastologist by calling the registry telephone numbers (+371) 67333322, (+371) 67579208, as well as directly on the website by clicking on “Registration consultation”.

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