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Aesthetic medicine Non Surgical Rejuvenation

Non Surgical Rejuvenation

Non Surgical Rejuvenation

It is erroneous to believe, that the only way to dispose of the skin “weariness”, wrinkles, puffiness, flabbiness, pigmentary spots and a double chin... is surgical. Today a scalpel of the plastic surgeon is not the only way to cardinally improve your appearance. The aesthetic medicine has just fantastic opportunities for rejuvenation, which is not surgical. Each technology is unique in its own way but the principle of action is reduced to the main thing: the development of wrinkles stops, nearby tissues become stronger, the lost volumes are restored, the metabolism of cells becomes more active — the skin appearance improves quickly and essentially. What happens to us? We become happier because we look about ten years younger.

Scientists have counted up: every day face muscles make no less than 15 thousand movements in which about hundred muscles are involved. They participate in all our joys and misfortunes: they are reduced, compressed, stretched. Mimic muscles are special “tools” which can create any face expression with the most subtle shades. As a result of intensive contractions elasticity of the face skin in the certain places is gradually lost and folds or mimic wrinkles start to be formed. First hardly noticeable, with the years more pronounced and deep, they age the face. Injections of botulinum toxin preparations is the most known and popular method of surgical rejuvenation which is used by the modern aesthetic medicine. These preparations “switch-off” the active mimic muscles, and the person ceases to knit his/her brows involuntarily, screw up his/her eyes and frown.

What is your problem?
  • Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and nose bridge.
  • “Mesh” of wrinkles around the eyes, wrinkles in the area of external corners of eyes – “goose paws”.
  • Inter-brow skin folds (vertical wrinkles between eyebrows), which making the look dissatisfied and gloomy. Dialogue with people is complicated because of inadequate look.
  • Too upturned eyebrows.
  • Slanting wrinkles on the lateral surfaces of Nose Bridge and on the back of the nose.

What age is good for the procedure?
The preparations of botulinum toxin are permitted for application in aesthetic purposes from 18 till 65 years. Time for the first injection everyone chooses himself/herself. It depends on your self-perception and self-appraisal. Some make this decision at 20-25 years and some at fifty. Injections made before 30-35 years block the involuntary mimicry and occurrence of wrinkles for some time is postponed. But if you constantly screw up your face at an earlier age, then with preventive purpose it is possible to make them earlier. As a rule, this procedure is in demand by women from 30 till 45 years when due to reduction of skin elasticity small mimic wrinkles start to appear intensively. After 60 years (depending on your skin condition) injections can be much less effective. It is time to pass to more radical methods (surgical lifting). The preparations of botulinum toxin help to get rid of mimic wrinkles, but they cannot remove skin surpluses.

  • The preparations of botulinum toxin have particular importance in the arsenal of the professional approach to correction of mimic/dynamic wrinkles and the complex rejuvenation of face.
  • The preparations of botulinum toxin can be used any time of the year.
  • Advise patients to choice / use of a botulinum toxin preparations - it's prerogative of the doctor.
  • In our clinic we use botulinum toxin preparations, registered in the Register of medicines of Latvia and permitted for use in aesthetic medicine.

The age is younger than 18 years, inflammatory and/or infectious process in the areas of prospective injections, problems with blood coagulability, myasthenia (muscular weakness). You should not take injections during pregnancy and lactation, aggravation of any disease, when intaking antibiotics, anticoagulants, antiaggregants. It is undesirable to take a procedure on the first days of the menstrual cycle, as well as by women advanced in years with essential lowering of soft tissues. One day prior to an injection it is impossible to drink alcohol. Procedure is prescribed by a qualified expert after a careful examination and talk with a patient.

Procedure: introductions of the preparations of botulinum toxin
N. B. Injections of the preparations of botulinum toxin are serious medical procedures, which must be performed by certified and specially trained experts (dermatologist, dermatocosmetologist, plastic surgeon) with practical experience. Injections are introduced out-patiently. The preparation is introduced by means of a special thin needle only into the mimic muscles located in the forehead area, Nose Bridge, external corners of eyes, back of the nose and the upper lip. Microinjections block overactive muscles, as though constraining them. They cease to contract, become smooth and remain so for 6-8 months (an individual parameter). For steady effect we recommend a course of injections at intervals of 4-6-8 months (an individual parameter). No atrophy occurs in muscles (blood supply remains), innervation is gradually restored. The doctor should consider specific features of your skin, mimicry and your face structure. Duration of the procedure is 5-10 minutes. After injections ice is put on the skin for 10-15 minutes. Principal causes of failures: insufficient doze of preparation was chosen, the points for injections were chosen mistakenly, hyperactivity of mimic muscles of the lower part of the face was not considered. To avoid troubles, carrying out of procedures must be entrusted only to a competent and skilled doctor.

Before еру procedure the doctor applies anesthetizing cream or imposes “small pillows” with ice or cooled gel.

No regenerative measures are required. The usual mode of the day time activity is not broken, patients retain full working capacity. The trace from injection disappears within half an hour. And that is all!

Safety measures after the procedure
You mustn’t touch the places of injections and mass the skin in places where a preparation was introduced, tilt your head, take a horizontal position (go to bed). Within 4-5 hours after the procedure it is necessary to be in a vertical position for correct distribution of the preparation. During one day it is not recommended to strain mimic muscles, go in for sports and take alcohol. You should not sunbathe within 3 days, it is recommended to exclude overheating within 7-10 days (hot baths, sauna), swimming in the pool. You should not intake antibiotics, aminoglycosides, tranquilizers within 2 weeks after the procedure (action of these preparations will reduce the efficiency of the preparations of botulinum toxin.

It shows up in 4-12 days. The skin in problem places becomes smooth, tightened and remains the same for 4-6-8 months (an individual parameter). You can express your emotions without thinking that wrinkles and deep folds are aging your face. They simply don’t exist. If you are impressed by your new appearance and do not wish to regain your “mimic furrows” in the future the procedure must be repeated. Repeated injections enable to achieve a longer effect of 6-9-10 months (an individual parameter). Even if you decide to refuse from the injections of the preparations of botulinum toxin completely your mimic wrinkles will be less pronounced anyway. After repeated injections the habit of involuntarily frowning /blinking/tossing eyebrows and etc. will gradually vanish. This habit is one of the reasons of your mimic wrinkles formation. The preparations of botulinum toxin can be included in the program of a complex non surgical rejuvenation and be used together with preparations for planimetric and volumetric plastics (cosmetic fillers) on the basis of hyaluronic acid of not animal origin. The preparations of botulinum toxin are also successfully combined with mesotherapy, biorevitalizacion and chemical/laser peelings, enabling to effectively and safely solve aesthetic problems of the face by means of minor traumatic procedures. They are fast, painless and will keep long.

Complications and risks
They can arise only in case of wrong introduction of preparation. The most serious complication is lowering of eyebrows or lower eyelids. Injections made by a qualified doctor guarantee a steady aesthetic effect without complications.

It is impossible to be poisoned by botulinum toxin, as it is used in a lowest concentration. When introduced it can influence only those muscles in which it gets. There is no data about possible remote negative consequences of repeated application of the preparations.

At 30 years of age we start to focus our attention on the small wrinkles which have come goodness knows where from. At 40 we are sincerely surprised that this good round figure has overtaken us unexpectedly early. And when we start to receive compliments on the occasion of our ageless freshness, do not doubt — time has “corrected” our appearance; and not at all for the best. Plastics of the face should be made when changes are so obvious that surgery cannot be avoided. “Injections of beauty” have incontestable advantages: the improvement of appearance is achieved easier, quicker and less traumatically, rather than by means of an operative intervention. Problems of the aging face... In the language of medicine it is a skin depression (deficiency of tissues volume). It is corrected by micro implantation. The principle of the skin depression correction is simple — it is necessary to compensate the missing tissue. Injections of cosmetic fillers steadily belong to the five of the most popular non surgical methods of struggling with the years.

  • Cosmetic fillers Juvederm® Ultra Allergan (USA)
  • Cosmetic fillers Surgiderm® Allergan (USA)
  • Cosmetic fillers Teosyal® Teoxane (Switzerland)

The majority of new technologies of not surgical rejuvenation are the programs stimulating own opportunities of cells and their latent reserves. These techniques start natural processes of renewal of collagen-elastin skeleton, establish healthy hydro balance, normalize blood and lymph circulation, strengthen muscular fibers and etc. Besides the declared purpose — lifting and elimination of skin defects, these technologies obviously rejuvenate skin and promote delay of natural ageing processes. Modern strategy of rejuvenation is a complex approach. We offer patients a unique combination of the most progressive technologies of rejuvenation by means of lasers produced by Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH (Germany).

What is your problem?
  • Ageing of face, neck, decollete zone and hands — loss of skin elasticity.
  • Wrinkles on the face, neck, in the decollete area.
  • Increased pigmentation and freckles.
  • Enlargement of pores.
  • Postoperative/posttraumatic cicatrices.
  • Scars after cuts/burns.
  • Stretch-marks as a result of fast loss of weight or after deliveries.
  • Cicatrices which remaine after blackhead rash (postacne).
  • Roughnesses of the skin.
  • Dim complexion.
  • Sagging of the skin of eyelids and cheeks.
  • Lowering of the lower third of the face.

What age is good for the procedure?
It depends on your self-perception and self-appraisal. Presence of age signs, various defects of the skin and marks of the endured diseases as well as fear of surgical methods is an objective motivation to this kind of rejuvenation. Pathological process of ageing can show up even at 30-35 years, therefore a combination of progressive technologies of rejuvenation will be timely. Patients at this age haven’t got pronounced age changes yet (skin folds, deep wrinkles) and they can count on steady rejuvenating effect. After 40-45 years (if you still don’t not wish to make use of the surgeon’s help) a course of such procedures has a special value for achievement of rejuvenation effect and delay of visiting a plastic surgeon. Effect of application of two laser devices for rejuvenation by special schemes is a worthy alternative to circular lifting. As to ladies of elegant age, the procedure will noticeably improve the condition of skin, but deep skin pinches and wrinkles will not be completely eliminated. The more senior a woman is the less effective a single procedure will be — a course of rejuvenation is necessary. A complex of laser technologies can be recommended for any part of your body at any age.

Areas of influence
Face: upper and lower eyelids, lobules of ears, around the mouth, forehead, between the eyebrows, temples, cheeks, nose, nasolabial triangle, chin. Body: neck, decollete zone, the back surface of hands, forearms, mammary glands, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, etc.

Pathology of thyroid gland, precancer conditions, any inflammatory processes and malignant new growths in the prospective zone of processing, infectious diseases, diabetes, impairment of blood circulation, serious cardiovascular diseases, system diseases of conjunctive tissue, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis in a stage of aggravation, epilepsy. N. B. Preliminary consultation of the doctor is obligatory!

Rejuvenation by means of diode laser MeDioStarХТ
It is one of the best technologies of preventing and correcting skin age changes. The course of procedures stops the process of its ageing. It is especially effective for preventive programs of rejuvenation. Under the influence of a certain wave laser beam small and average wrinkles are smoothed, the skin becomes more elastic. The procedure improves microcirculation, improves trophism, and stimulates restoration of skin. Session duration is 30-40 minutes. General course is 5-6 procedures. Rejuvenation with the diode laser is effectively combined with other techniques: mesotherapy, planimetric and volumetric plastics, peelings, etc. Individual algorithm of the procedure is selected depending on the morphological type of your skin. Negative by-effects do not happen. As a rule anesthesia is not necessary. The period of rehabilitation after the procedure is minimal. After the procedure cosmetic care of the skin (humidifying gels and creams) is recommended.

Opportunity to stop the development of skin age changes in due time, it is possible to use them as preventive programs of rejuvenation. The results of laser rejuvenation: improvement of skin quality, smoothing of small wrinkles, disappearance of epidermal pigmentary spots, lifting effect.

MCL 30 Dermablate and MeDioStarХТ
The complex program of rejuvenation can consist of 8 consecutive procedures: 4 procedures by Micro Spot technology and 4 procedures with the diode laser. The procedures will alternate. Your individual program is made up in view of your skin condition. Interval between the procedures is determined by the doctor. Cosmetic care of the skin after the procedures: humidifying gels, creams, emulsions, masks.

Visible and prolonged effect of rejuvenation, alignment of the surface and lifting of the skin, regaining its elasticity, smoothing of small wrinkles and skin folds, correction of skin surpluses on the face, free of operation lifting in the area of eyelids, cheeks, chin, elimination of eyes puffiness, “circles” and “bags” under the eyes, elimination of pigmentary spots, vascular “asterisks”.

After fractional laser rejuvenation of skin by Micro Spot Asclepion technology, during the first hours after the procedure you can feel a slight burning. It is not necessary to stay in hospital — you can go home on this very day. For 2-7 days (an individual parameter) you will have a slight reddening. For 5-7 days the skin will get healthy color and it will look much freshened up. Temporary dryness of the skin is eliminated by humidifying cosmetic means. Even after the first session the tone of the skin improves, moisture exchange processes are restored. Color of the skin improves, small wrinkles are smoothed. The skin becomes elastic, smooth and even. It is possible to luxuriate under the sun and in a sun deck in 3-4 weeks. Within 6 weeks it is recommended to use a sun-protection cream with SPF 50-60. The final result after the course of procedures can be estimated in 1-2 months.

For many centuries the scientists are trying to create a unique remedy capable to relieve a person from illnesses and ageing. The vital elixir has not been found yet and it is not clear, if it is possible to create it at all. But the more we learn about the human body, its organs and systems, the more reasons for optimistic forecasts appear. In fact the body conceals in itself huge reserve forces, and the blood circulating in it, except for its vital functions, is capable to heal.
The PRP technology (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is the next achievement of the modern medical science and the proof that with the help of our own blood we can cope with some illnesses, influence the process of ageing, thus we become capable to improve the quality of our lives.

Vital stream
Blood is a liquid tissue of our organism which together with the lymph makes its internal environment. “The stream of life” delivers oxygen and organic substances, mineral salts, hormones, vitamins, etc. to it. The stream also removes toxins from the organism. Blood is responsible for almost all exchange processes. Moving in blood vessels, it gets into each cell of the organs and tissues of the human being, providing them with vital activity and making connections between them. All that occurs in blood, is thought over, considered and interconnected. Nature shows all magnificence and perfection of its creation! Despite the masterpiece project of natural engineering, the blood system is rather fragile and sensitive, since it instantly reacts to any influence, which our organism is exposed to — a slightest failure can cause serious problems. The morphological structure and functions of this wise system are complex enough — we shall not go into details. But for understanding the essence of the PRP method — its healing action and clinical effect, we think it’s important to remind of the blood structure, functions of the blood cells and the reaction of coagulation (arrest of bleeding).

The main “players”
Blood consists of intercellular substance (plasma) — 55% of the whole blood weight and suspended cellular elements — 45%. Their three basic types: red blood cells (erythrocytes), white blood cells (leukocytes) and blood plates (platelets). They are suspended in the liquid part of blood — plasma, its structure is complicated. Plasma maintains the constancy of the organism internal environment i. e. the homeostasis. The key organ of the blood system is the bone marrow. It is the bone marrow that gives life to erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets where they mature. The blood cells life is rather short and after the fulfillment of their mission they die. Then new cells come from the bone marrow to change the dead ones, ready to start the fulfillment of their functions.

Special assignment
Each type of blood cells has its destination. Erythrocytes let the tissues breath and bear information of the blood group and the Rhesus factor of the person blood. Leukocytes protect the organism from infections and other harmful influences. They also provide anticarcinogenic immunity. Platelets are the main “players” in the complex process of the blood coagulability. They are powerful bioagents of regenerative processes. Platelets are also a natural source of growth factors. They are albuminous molecules regulating and stimulating the division (growth) and the survival of cells. Factors of growth are necessary for cellular differentiation and a normal cellular cycle. Symbiosis of factors of growth is responsible for reconstruction of blood vessels of the injured area, construction of a new tissue (epithelial, connecting, muscular and nervous) and arrest of bleeding.

The important reaction
In medical language coagulation means transformation of liquid blood into an elastic clot (blood clot). Blood coagulation in the place of wound is a vital reaction, since it causes an arrest of bleeding which occurs due to formation of a clot of blood in the injured place. In some seconds after the damage, the proteins and the enzymes which are moving in the blood and are responsible for its coagulation, rush to the wound and deliver platelets there. Coagulability of blood is a complex chain of reactions, leading to transformation of fibrinogen (soluble blood protein) into insoluble one — fibrin: its strings “grasp” the blood cells. Fibrin is an end-product of the blood coagulation process. It forms a blood clot and is a matrix for the formation of granulation (connecting) tissue and it ensures it’s maturing. The fibrinogen fibers form something like a network which dries up in a place of bleeding, and the platelets contained in the blood are attached to it from within. As their number increases, they as though "cork“/close the wound and arrest the bleeding. Summary: platelets and factors of growth are responsible for “repairing” of the injured area that is transportation of fresh forces there, for the construction of a new tissue and the termination of bleeding (hemostasis).

We would like to save patients from incorrect conclusions. The Platelet-Rich Plasma technology has not concern to stem cell theraphy at all. It's absolutely other method.

  • Factors of growth are natural substances which possess a wide spectrum of biological influence. They stimulate cellular division, formation of new cells and differentiation. Factors of growth are alarm molecules for interaction between the cells. Cell fission is a basis of the body development and growth. It ensures self-updating of tissues and restoration of their integrity after damages during our whole life. The most accessible source of receiving factors of growth is platelets. Platelets contain specific and nonspecific factors of growth which initiate cellular division and regeneration of any conjunctive tissue. A real way of using factors of growth with the purpose of activating regeneration is application of plasma, enriched with platelets (PRP).
  • At an increase of the platelets concentration, the concentration of factors of growth increases too. Plasma rich with platelets contain: platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF-aa, PDGF-bb, PDGF-ab), transforming growth factor (TGF-bеtа 1 and TGF-beta 2), vessels endothelium growth factor (VEGF ) and epithelium growth factor (EGF). They are in biologically predetermined proportions.
  • None of the listed above factors of growth cannot cause an oncological disease. They do not cause mutagen reactions/influences. Factors of growth are natural proteins of the human body.

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)
Philosophy of the PRP therapy — association of innovative development with a knack of the human organism to cure itself.

Philosophy of the PRP therapy — association of innovative development with a knack of the human organism to cure itself.

It is a question of stimulation of protective functions of the organism and improvement of metabolism in tissues by introducing autogenic plasma in them enriched with platelet-derived growth factors. It is the patient’s own plasma of blood, which is preliminarily processed in a special way.

If we treat the term PRP literally, it is plasma in which the concentration of platelets is exceeded. In the norm it ranges between 150 000 micro liter — 350 000 micro liter. The average index: 200 000 micro liter. The stimulating effect of regeneration appears when the concentration of platelets is 1.000.000 micro liter, not less. Concentration of platelets and factors of growth by PRP technology can be increased multiply — up to this parameter. Such plasma is capable to force all cellular reactions. In this case it represents a unique center of biologically active components, including 7 major factors of growth (their concentration also increases), which are vital for the beginning of an urgent “repair”, that is a fast regeneration and strengthening of tissues and organs: vessels, sinews, ligaments, muscles, bones, skin, etc. Increase in concentration of biologically active proteins acts as a catalyst of acceleration of curative process in the injured areas. The more platelet-derived growth factors will be delivered to the wound area, the higher is the healing potential. PRP is dynamism of reparation (recovery).

Such an important discovery for medicine could not remain unnoticed. The PRP technology is approved by FDA and a similar organization in the EU. Today the progressive method is demanded in its various areas: neurosurgery, maxillofacial, reconstructive-regenerative, orthopedic, cardiovascular surgery, in transplantology, traumatology, dentistry, otorhinolaryngology, sports and ambustial medicine, dermatology, etc. The method has found its practical importance, having confirmed its efficiency in the aesthetic medicine. In particular, in plastic surgery — for improvement/acceleration of healing of postoperative wounds, in dermatocosmetology — for rejuvenation of skin and correction of age changes.

In our clinic
To obtain plasma (APC +™) enriched with platelets and factors of growth from the patient’s (own) autogenic blood a special equipment is used capable to create a concentrated cellular suspension within several minutes.

APC +™ is created from a small portion of patient’s blood — only 20 ml or 60 ml is required (depending on the purpose). Such insignificant “hemorrhage” does not affect the health in any way, it does not require rehabilitation and does change the vital rhythm. Bloodletting is carried out from the vein (same as blood sampling) into vacuum-processed sterile disposable test tubes. After being processed in the equipment for manufacturing PRP, blood is divided into 3 fractions, one of which is plasma enriched with platelets and factors of growth. Concentration of the platelets during the processing increases 5 times. As plasma rich with platelets is obtained from the patient’s own blood, full biocompatibility is ensured. It is safe from the point of view of carry of infectious diseases (HIV, virus hepatitis and others) and risk of occurrence of immunogenic and allergic reactions.

Platelets disfunction, critical level of platelets and fibrinogen, unstable hemodynamics, problems with blood coagulability, acute infectious diseases, infection of blood, chronic liver diseases, inflammatory process in the organism, intake of aspirin.

PRP and Aesthetic surgery
The method is effective for acceleration of healing and formation of new tissues after operative interventions. As is well known, any surgical manipulation assumes a cut — disruption of anatomic integrity of integumentary or internal soft tissues. The first reaction of the organism to a trauma is self-healing, that is delivery of platelets in this area in reply to the signals sent from the injured tissue. Introduction of concentrate APC +™ by the surgeon directly into the area of surgical intervention/wound, initiates coagulation, healing (scarring), accelerates the process of epithelization. The curative action of the PRP therapy as a result of delivery of higher concentration of platelets and factors of growth to the tissues is caused by stimulating natural regenerative process begun by the organism. Each growth factor carries out its own mission, and in common they promote healing: they activate the process of forming new blood vessels, promote the growth of epithelial cells and new endothelium and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid... Bloodletting for preparing APC +™ concentrate is carried out directly at the beginning of operation. Use of the PRP method is an opportunity to modulate/improve healing of wounds, to ensure the maximal regeneration/reparation of tissues. The plusses of the PRP use: the terms of healing of soft tissues (wound) are essentially less, the postoperative discomfort considerably decreases (hypostasis, pain, bruises) and the period of postoperative rehabilitation noticeably shortens.

  • Now surgeons (at some kinds of operations) “close” the operational wound with fibrinous glue. Restoration of tissue with the help of such glue repeats the basic stages of the physiological process of blood coagulation, enabling to arrest diffusive bleedings, to stick together, to encapsulate and fix tissues, to improve the healing of wounds. During scarring the clot of fibrinous glue completely resolves. Fibrinous glue does not contain factors of growth, which considerably accelerate the process of reparation. APC + should not be associated with glue, it is not that. It is a bioactive concentrate obtained from the patient’s self blood.
  • As the use of the PRP therapy is a new standard in plastic surgery and raises the operation price a little, patients always have options. You should inform the surgeon about your desire/decision during the preoperative consultation.

PRP and Dermatocosmetology
Quality and youth of the skin depend on good functioning of the cells, in particular the fibroblasts, which make the hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin which in turn are responsible for elasticity and quality of skin structure. A low number of these substances provokes withering of the skin and formation of wrinkles.

PRP procedures (plasma fillings) — injection of bioactive concentrate in problem zones help the skin “to recollect” its youth. Using the reserves, it can begin “reprogramming” the processes occurring in it, back to the former biologically young/active functional level. PRP therapy gives a good revitalizing (rejuvenating) effect.

Bioconcentrate APC +™ contains factors of growth which stimulate fibroblasts to manufacture hyaluronic acid and collagen. Huge amount of platelets together with factors of growth which are additionally delivered to the skin, build a “skeleton” from bioactive parts. It is filled with new collagenic and elastinic fibers and fine blood vessels, in other words the intercellular matrix becomes stronger. The exchange processes are restored, the synthesis of new collagen and the production of hyaluronic acid becomes more active. Local immunity, microcirculation and metabolism in the skin cells become more active and the tissue breath improves. The result: improvement of skin structure, increase of its tone and elasticity, smoothing of wrinkles, reduction of photo ageing signs. The skin becomes more elastic, well humidified, gains a healthy light. This effect keeps long and even gradually amplifies due to forward restoration of natural physiological processes in the skin. PRP therapy helps to brake the process of ageing and to essentially delay the time for radical rejuvenating measures.

Indications to PRP- rejuvenation
An indication for a course of plasma filling procedures is the condition of skin: its dryness, decrease in elasticity, loss of the tone and volume, wrinkles, unhealthy and dim complexion. PRP therapy is also used for rejuvenation of the hands skin, the decollete zone (women) and the breast (men). Plasma filling will help to improve the quality of skin at photo ageing and sharp decrease or increase of weight. Injections are addressed to patients with any type of skin.

Laser dermatocosmetology
Experts of our clinic recommend PRP therapy (special toolkits and techniques for dispersion are used) after a laser polishing and chemical peelings to accelerate the process of healing of micro traumas of skin.

Plasma filling procedure
Procedure is done in a day hospital. The doctor makes address intraskin microinjections into the patient’s problem zones, using the techniques of mesotherapy. Duration is about 1 hour including the time of the PRP (APC +™) preparation. Area of injections: face, neck, hands, decollete (women), breast (men) and other zones of the body.

Algorithm of procedures
Plasma filling procedure is performed once a year/once in two years. PRP therapy can be combined with other dermatocosmetic procedures. Drawing up of complex programs is a prerogative of the dermatologist.

The signs of the skin ageing are leveled. The result becomes obvious, beginning with the second month after the course of injections and keeps during the year. For prolongation of the effect it is recommended to repeat treatment every year.

It is not required — you can return to a usual rhythm of life right after the procedures.

As with any injection method. Small hematomas and a slight hypostasis are possible within several hours.

As PRP is obtained from the patient’s own blood, it is absolutely safe from the point of view of rejection reaction, risk of allergic reactions and transfer of infectious diseases. The pledge of safety for you also becomes the status and of the clinic authority.

Getting rid of excess volume in the hips and at the waist, reducing cellulite and tightening the skin in just eight weeks. This is impossible to do with only proper nutrition, lifestyle and constant physical activity. But if you add the weekly VelaShape procedure, reaching this goal will be more realistic. In our clinic there is a new device for treating cellulite and reducing body volume - VelaShape III. The third-generation device, unlike its predecessors, is safer and more efficient.

What is VelaShape III?

VelaShape III is a safe and reliable device that is used for medical and aesthetic purposes *. It combines ELOS technology (electro-optical synergy - a combination of infrared light and bipolar radio frequency waves) with mechanical manipulations on the skin using soft vacuum.

Before the start of the procedure, a special cream with milk, caffeine, aloe and vitamins is applied to the areas of treatment, then the skin is heated due to infrared and radio frequency radiation, subcutaneous fat is “pushed down” and the dermis is smoothed. The mechanical action with the vacuum effect improves blood circulation, promotes the release of lymph and activates the metabolic breakdown of fat from fat cells.

“The usual temperature for the procedure is 43-47 degrees Celsius. The patient feels the warmth, but without any discomfort. The device has a sensor that monitors the temperature in order to avoid burns and discomfort. The effect of the vacuum is very light, leaving almost no trace,” says certified dermatologist Ekaterina Vedenina.

For whom is the VelaShape III device intended?

The main purpose of the VelaShape III procedure is cellulite treatment and volume reduction. The VelaShape III system provides a temporary reduction in volume of the abdomen and hips. For therapeutic purposes, the device is used to alleviate minor pains and muscle spasms, as well as to improve local blood circulation. In fact, this is a non-invasive correction of body contours. “The procedure is suited to skinnier women as well, if they have loose skin and want to tighten it,” explains Ekaterina Vedenina.

What are the features of the device?

The system consists of three main modules: the hull, two applicators and a touch control panel. The large applicators are used to adjust the volume of larger areas such as the abdomen, hips and buttocks, and mid-sized areas such as the sides of the abdomen. The same applicator helps to get rid of the excess skin under the knees and the “hanging ears” in the breast area. The smaller applicator is used to work with double chin, to remove sagging skin. “We take measurements before and after. And sometimes the effect is visible after the first procedure. But it is advisable to do eight procedures in a row, one per week. Of course, not forgetting about nutrition, fitness and drinking regimen,” explains doctor Ekaterina Vedenina.

What do cellulite and a mattress have in common?

 Fat cells are located in chambers that are separated by vertical and horizontal septa of the connective tissue. Partitions are attached with rigid fibers, which, fortunately, do not stretch with the skin as the volume inside the walls of the chambers increases. This gives hope that fat cells can once be returned to normal. When the fat chamber is too stretched due to enlarged fat cells and accumulates intercellular fluid, it extends beyond the length of the vertical partitions, raises the skin surface and as a result leads to the appearance of depressions and wrinkles on the skin surface. As a result, the cellulite both visually and by touch becomes like a mattress.

The principle of VelaShape III is that during heating, the fat, along with the stagnant lymph, leaves the fat cells, and due to the improved blood circulation, the diffusivity of oxygen increases. This further increases the metabolic breakdown of fat in fat cells (lipolysis), thereby rapidly reducing the size of fat cells. Along with fat, sagging skin disappears, which is largely caused by stretched fat cells protruding above the fixed partitions of the connective tissue.

Both reducing the size of fat cells and removing excess fluid into the lymphatic system, are accompanied by shrinkage of the connective tissue and contribute to a decrease in the size of fat chambers. Cellulite is less noticeable, the body volume in the treatment zone is reduced.

Important: since fat cells simply change volume, no voids are created, the skin does not become loose. “Already during the first procedure, one can feel how the skin is smoothed,” notes Ekaterina Vedenina.

Each zone is manipulated for 15-20 minutes. Several zones can be treated at once. The cream applied before the procedure does not need to be washed off, it also works after the VelaShape III procedure. The best case scenario would be to drink a lot of water, exercise or go for a run on the day of the procedure.

Attention! Manipulations can only be carried out by specially trained, qualified specialists.

Realistic expectations

  • Improving the appearance of places where there is cellulite, but not necessarily guaranteeing its complete disappearance. Volume reduction.
  • The number of VelaShape III sessions required depends on the patient and on the clinical and physiological condition at the start of treatment. Some patients respond better than others.
  • The treatment results are temporary, so it is necessary to conduct a maintenance course every 2-3 months.
  • A healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise) will help to achieve better results, but is not obligatory.


  • Pacemaker or internal defibrillator.
  • Surface metal or other implants in the treatment area.
  • Skin cancer or history of skin cancer, or the current condition of any other type of cancer, or pre-malignant moles.
  • Any history of cancer.
  • Severe concomitant illnesses such as heart disease.
  • Pregnancy and lactation, as well as in the 4-5-month period after natural birth, or at least 6 months after cesarean section, or until normal hormonal balance is restored.
  • Immune system impairment due to immunosuppressive diseases such as AIDS and HIV, or the use of immunosuppressive drugs.
  • Diseases that can progress from light at used wavelengths.
  • Patients with a history of heat-related illnesses, such as recurrent herpes in the treatment area, can only be treated after a preventative regimen.
  • Poorly controlled endocrine disorders such as diabetes.
  • Any active processes such as ulcers, psoriasis, eczema, and rash.
  • Skin diseases, keloid scars, abnormal wound healing, and very dry and cracking skin.
  • Coagulopathies or the use of anticoagulants.
  • Use of medicines, herbal supplements, food supplements, and vitamins that are known to cause photosensitivity when exposed to light at applicable wavelengths, such as isotretinoin (Roaccutane) in the past 6 months, tetracyclines or St. John's wort in the past 2 weeks.
  • Any surgical procedure in the zone of treatment within the last 3 months or until complete healing.
  • Tattoos or permanent makeup on the zone of treatment.
  • An area with varicose veins.
  • On the recommendation of a specialist, refrain from the procedure in any conditions that may be dangerous to the patient.

Possible side effects

Some side effects may occur during treatment or shortly after it, but are extremely rare and are temporary.

Side effects that may appear in the treatment area:

  • Pain
  • Excessive redness of the skin (erythema)
  • Damage to the natural texture of the skin (scratches, peels, blisters, burns)
  • Hematoma

How to prepare for the procedure

  • Exfoliate the skin. Come to the procedure with clean, dry skin (without perfume, without lotion).
  • Remove excess hair from the body in advance - they may interfere with the procedure
  • Inform your doctor about taking anticoagulants in advance. Anticoagulants increase the possibility of bruising.

The VelaShape III procedure can be combined with the acoustic wave procedure - lymphatic drainage. Thus, we first activate our excretory lymphatic paths, and then remove the toxins.

* This is one of the few devices that has been approved by the FDA - the United States Food and Drug Administration.


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