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Laser treatment of skin problems

Laser treatment of skin problems

Actually, at birth we should have clean, gentle, faultless skin, not burdened with defects and pathology. But it happens not always and not to all. The genetic factor is interfering. We have not had time to enjoy the young years but suddenly after 25-30 years we start to notice changes which occur to our skin. And the problem is not only in wrinkles and the skin’s advancing loss of its elasticity and the healthy shine. We unexpectedly find strange specks, pimples, small vessels and bubbles on it. They have no relation to beauty at all. In medicine they are called new growths. Having appeared from nowhere, these “newcomers” frighten by their unpredictability. And this is a problem. But each problem has a salvation.

What is your problem?
  • In the armpits area there are “transparent” new growths on cruses.
  • There are more than 10 small warts on the leg.
  • There are many small papillomas on the neck.
  • A few years ago a small white growth appeared on the eyelid. Now they are numerous, they have different sizes and locate on both eyelids and on the edge of the eyelashes growth too.
  • Strange “moles” of rosy-red color about a pin head in size.
  • A big red spot — angioma.
  • Small tumors of cherry color — smooth and small, slightly projecting above the skin.
  • Big fatty tumor on the face.
  • A “wine stain”.
  • “Vascular nets” on the skin of legs.
  • Seborrheic keratosis.

When should you take a procedure?
First, it depends on your attitude to your health and appearance as a whole. Secondly, how much the changes happening to your skin are serious. Healthy skin is clean, free from “ornaments” which can potentially create threat. All new growths which are “suddenly” found on the skin in this or that period of life signal of the skin’s ageing or its diseases. This is the reality. Any of the listed problems is pathology of skin and an aesthetic defect at the same time. Some of the new growths can be “delayed-action bombs”. There is a common opinion, that only nevuses can represent danger, but in the guise of moles, warts, keratomas, papillomas, dermatofibromas and many others can hide. Unfortunately, not only moles can undergo a malignant transformation. It is important to find out pathological dynamics in time. It is absolutely obvious that not all your moles should be immediately removed. You should definitely be alerted, if their parameters and condition have changed (the size, edges, symmetry, color) if they bleed and are constantly injured, itch, are condensed, inflame, hurt or what is even more dangerous, represent a nonhealing wound. Any trauma and bleeding is adverse for moles. In most cases such moles must be removed immediately to prevent/exclude negative dynamics. Vascular nevuses is a congestion of fine blood vessels or cavities filled with blood. They are not dangerous. But if you do not like them — get rid of them. “Vascular asterisks” do not pose a threat to health, but they signal that the vessels need strengthening. Is it necessary to get rid of what does not make your appearance good looking? Undoubtedly, yes. The decision is yours. The abnormal condition of any new growth can be recognized only by a dermatologist/oncodermatologist. In our clinic dermatologists and oncodermatologists perform diagnostics of skin by means of modern equipment for recognition of any skin pathology — SIAscop “Mole Mate”. Accuracy of the diagnosis is more than 90 %. If pathology is found, the doctor will certainly determine expediency of a surgical operation in the mode of “cito” (urgently). There are cases when new growths are expedient for removing by aesthetic reasons. Oncodermatologists are unanimous in one: you should have periodical examinations of the condition of all new growths which are available on your skin and also, once a year, do it for preventive purposes.

In our clinic
Multipurpose lasers of the last generation from Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH (Germany) are applied to remove new growths of various aetiologies. This perfect equipment enables to: influence a skin segment in doses to minimize hemorrhage, thrombose the smallest vessels, prevent ingress of cells into the blood flow plus, at once, takes a sample for histological research. Lasers MCL 30 Dermablate and MultiPulse are intended for removal of nevuses (moles); Laser QuadroStar + is intended for removal of telangiectasias, “wine stains”, expanded veins, “vascular asterisks”, angiomas, hemangiomas, cuperose, rosacea, various pigmentary skin formations (lentigo, “coffee stains”, seborrheic keratosis...). For correction of superficial vascular pathology we use the laser MeDioStar ХТ (on indications).

Laser influence does not cause painful sensations. It leaves minimal traces and ensures good cosmetic effect. Lasers of the new generation are supplied by system of cooling — the burn of skin is impossible. They influence without pain — comfort of the procedure is guaranteed. After the procedure there is a small reddening on the skin which disappears in 24 hours. Duration of the procedure is some minutes. Anesthesia is local. In some cases on the place processed by a laser beam there is a small deepening which is leveled in 2 weeks.

Efficiency and safety
Exact, predicted and safe influence on the pathological center, computer control of the depth of influence is a guarantee of excellent medical results, practically no rehabilitation period.

Our skin is a truthful reflection of everything that occurs to us. It is a “cloth” weaved from deep internal processes, taking place in our organism. The skin has periods of increased “emotionality” when it starts to itch, redden, peel, inflame and become covered with “a vascular mesh”. Beginning with 30-years of age many people endure this process for the rest of their lives. Women and men suffer from skin “whims” practically equally. Is it a cosmetic defect or a disease? To understand it we should know the reasons of vascular pathology and mechanisms of its development. A significant progress in the development of laser techniques allows us to look at this problem from a new angle. It is possible to get rid of vascular “graffiti” on the face and body once and for all effectively and safely.

What is your problem?
  • Reduction of the skin tone.
  • “Vascular mesh” on the skin.
  • “Vascular asterisks” on the skin of the face and legs.
  • Pigmentary spots.
  • Wrinkles and red face.
  • “Wine” stain.
  • Cuperose on the cheeks.
  • “Coffee stains”.
  • Birthmark on the face.
  • Lentigo.
  • Seborrheic keratosis.

When should you take the procedure?
Any of the listed problems is pathology of skin and an aesthetic defect at the same time. In itself “vascular asterisks” are not hazardous to health, but they signal that vessels must be strengthened. Is it necessary to get rid of what does not compliment your appearance? Undoubtedly, yes. The decision is yours. Some skin defects can be “delayed-action bombs”; therefore a visit to a doctor becomes actual as soon as you find “something” on your skin.

  • A “vascular drawing” is a very frequent problem. Women get it at the age of 30 years — 8 %, by 50 years — 41 %, by 70 years -72 %. Men’s parameters are these: 1 %, 24 % and 43 %, accordingly. Telangiectasia is burst small blood vessels and their local expansion. Venous, capillary and arterial vessels may be expanded. They have a steady red color. As a rule they are localized on the skin of legs, face and less often on the trunk. The major factors of this skin pathology: genetic predisposition, hormonal “storms”, infections, skin diseases, sunlight, traumas, thermal influence, radiation, surgical incisions.
  • Various hormonal impairments provoke women’s “vascular mesh”. To make sure, that this formation is not a threshold of a varix or another disease, it is necessary to see a phlebologist. Hormonal vascular meshes often appear after abortions, pregnancy, ovary cysts, myomas, climax and use of hormonal contraceptives. A gynecologist must participate when diagnosing telangiectasias.
  • When deeper vessels extend the disease has a global character and is called Cuperose. It is characteristic mostly for people with light skin. Skin sensitivity is a factor of predisposition to cuperose. Because of special susceptibility such skin responds to harmful external influences by sensations of burning, pricking, itching, sometimes reddening or inflammation. These reddenings are homogeneous, have no clear-cut borders and appear as a rule on cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. In the initial stage of disease, reddening and a burning sensation can be temporary. Subsequently the vessels extend and lose elasticity, the redness becomes constant and the color becomes more intensive and the feeling of discomfort becomes stronger. Cuperose more often occurs to women than to men.
  • Small brown specks with a rough surface can appear approximately after 35 years on the back, but after 40 years spots appear on other parts of the body. This is a manifestation of a seborrheic or solar keratosis. In their early stage they are called “senile specks”. In the course of time they grow. Any brown speck, which appears on the face and body after 30 years of age will not disappear; it can grow and be condensed. The best decision is to get rid of it.
  • Melasma and chloasma are spots of brown/chestnut color on the forehead, cheeks, lips, nose or forearms. It is a result of impairment of pigment synthesis. Women often get them on the background of hormonal fluctuations connected with pregnancy, intake of contraceptives and hormonal preparations and also because of abusing sunburn.
  • Before the procedure we recommend to take a complex examination at a gynecologist’s (women) and an andrologist (men), and see an endocrinologist, to make your hormonal background normal.

Any inflammatory processes and malignant new growths in the prospective zone of processing, infectious diseases, diabetes, impairment of blood circulation, serious cardiovascular diseases, system diseases of conjunctive tissue, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis in a stage of aggravation, epilepsy.

N. B.Procedure on removal of “vascular asterisks” should better be performed after visiting a phlebologist to exclude a possibility of vein diseases and contraindications for the procedure.

In our clinic
Telangiectasias, “wine stains”, expansion of veins, “vascular asterisks”, angiomas, hemangiomas, cuperose and rosacea, various pigmentary formations of skin (lentigo, “coffee stains” and seborrheic keratosis are those defects of skin, which “vascular” lasers can cope with. To eliminate all visible signs of skin pathology we apply (on indications) the lasers QuadroStar + and MeDioStarХТ produced by the company Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH.

Laser QuadroStar + Asclepion enable to remove quickly and evenly pathological formations on vast areas. A unique cosmetic effect is achieved at the minimal patient’s discomfort. Laser coagulation: the beam passes through the skin, is absorbed by the blood hemoglobin, transformed into heat and solders the vessel. Especially effective the laser QuadroStar + Asclepion are when struggling against rosacea. When choosing a clinic offering laser procedure, it is advisable to make a choice in favor of one, which has lasers of the last generation. Why? They provide an optimal combination of parameters necessary for effective treatment (power, length and duration of impulse, the diameter of the beam). Therefore the doctor can make coagulation of vessels of any type and diameter. Lasers of the new generation are equipped with a system of cooling — the skin cannot be burnt. They influence without pain — comfort of the procedure is guaranteed. After the procedure on the skin there is a small reddening which disappears in 24 hours. For correction of superficial vascular pathology we use the laser MeDioStarXT (on indications).

It is not necessary. An effective system of cooling is used. Anesthetizing cream is applied in case of increased individual sensitivity.

Efficiency and safety
It ensures exact, predicted and safe influence on a pathological center. Computer control of depth of influence is a guarantee of excellent medical results. Practically no rehabilitation period.

“Dictators” of fashion for an ideal face and body, at last, have given women the right to be what they wish to be. But they have made it with reservations. Irrespective of silhouette and parameters, the body should have precise contours, and the face should not have traces of age. As to the skin, efforts should be directed to making it smooth and glamorous, and without a hint to the hair growing in “unnecessary” places. To help the skin to become perfect, a hi-tech device for laser epilation — MeDioStarXT Asclepion was created. Today we offer our patients the most careful and effective way of removing undesirable hair.

What is your problem?
  • Superfluous growth of rigid hair on the face and legs.
  • Increased growth of hair on arms.
  • “Short moustaches” above the upper lip.
  • Black hair on the light skin.
  • Superfluous growth of hair on the face and body.

What time is good for the procedure?
It depends on your self-perception and self-appraisal. Undesirable hair on the face and body is an aesthetic imperfection and problem. All women agree in opinion that hair on their body must be minimal. If you wish to get rid of hair for a long time, you can find nothing better than laser epilation. Laser MeDioStarХТ is effective and fast removal of hair of different color and thickness on any skin phototype. Computer assistance of laser MeDioStarXT permits to select an individual and optimal parity of energy of influence, frequency and duration of impulses. The reason of more serious cases of women? s hair, growing in unnecessary places, is hormonal impairments and genetic factors — a cause to visit endocrinologist and gynecologist.

It is a very fast procedure which has a steady and long-term result. Even after the first processing by a laser beam, your skin becomes ideally smooth. Influence of the beam is accompanied by a stream of cool air; therefore the procedure is practically painless and comfortable. Absence of unpleasant sensations makes the laser epilation an ideal method of processing delicate zones (area above the upper lip, axillary hollows, the zone of bikini, the intimate zone). Today the laser epilation is offered by many, but only technically perfect equipment enables to select an individual program for each patient and to make this process as much effective as possible.

Malignant new growths, diabetes, system diseases, cardiovascular diseases, infectious and chronic diseases of skin, skin disease in a stages of aggravation, heavy forms of varicose disease, pregnancy (relative contraindication), benign formations with the tendency to progressing, plural hyper pigmented nevuses, propensity of skin to occurrence of keloid scars, acute inflammatory processes, very sunburnt skin or recent (less than 2 weeks) sunburn on the skin, burns, grazes, acute form of a herpes. N. B. Preliminary consultation of the doctor is obligatory!

Procedure of hair removal
This procedure in our clinic is performed only by doctor-dermatologist. Duration of the procedure is 5-40 minutes (depends on the place of skin from which you want to remove the unnecessary hair). The fine result of the laser epilation is visible at once. It keeps for 1.5-2 months. To get rid of undesirable hair for longer time, it is necessary to have 3-5 sessions. Procedure does not cause any unpleasant sensations, in rare cases you can feel a slight pricking in the processable zone. Laser MeDioStarXT does not injure the epidermis, it is possible to make an epilation of hair of any type of skin, on any place of the body: on the upper lip, thighs, shins, breasts, in axillary areas, in the bikini zone, on arms .... Computer support for laser MeDioStarXT allows selecting individual and optimal parity of energy of influence, frequency and duration of impulses.

It is not necessary. The anesthetizing cream is applied in case of individual super sensitivity in the epilation zone.

After the procedure it is necessary to humidify and feed the processed places by special cosmetic means. Sunburn (natural and artificial) is undesirable during 1 week after a laser epilation. It is possible to luxuriate under the sun and in a sun deck in two weeks, using a sun-protection cream with SPF 50-60. During the first 3 days after a laser epilation it is not recommended to attend a bath, a sauna, a pool.

Complications and risks
They do not occur. In rare cases one can feel a slight pricking in the processable zone. In especially sensitive zones there can be a slight reddening which disappears shortly.


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