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Having called ph. +371 67333322, 67579208, you will contact our managers. They will tell you about the work hours of our clinic, about our experts, about medical services and their prices. But fuller information you can get from the doctor when you come to consult him.
The Administration and Dispatching Office works daily from 8 a.m. till 7 p.m. (except Saturday and Sunday). In case of existing registration to experts, the clinic operating time can be prolonged till 8 p.m.

For the convenience of patients our clinic´s doctors also work every second and fourth Saturday of the month (except holidays) from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. Preliminary registration is necessary.

Information on your desire to visit the clinic is fixed and processed on the day of reception. Managers of our clinic will get in touch with you and confirm your registration for consultation, procedure or operation.

You can enter the name for consultation independently — on our site.

  • Competence of our doctors is a guarantee of your getting exhaustive information for all questions you are interested in. Consultations are always internal.
  • Algorithm of a consultation: discussion of the problem, analysis of possibilities and necessary recommendations for optimal aesthetic result.
  • Highly professional and skilled doctors work for us but the final decision is yours.
  • The question of a possibility of performing an operation and surgical procedures is solved with the doctor individually during a conversation and examination.
  • The question of a necessity to carry out medical and cosmetic procedures is solved when consulting a dermatologist or a cosmetician after the diagnostics of the skin.
  • Consultation results in drawing up an individual program in which all your wishes, specific features and your state of health will be considered as much as possible. After an objective estimation of your skin condition and your appearance as a whole, experts will give you complete information on all possible methods of correcting your problem.
  • Notice: we achieve the best results when we use complex methods of treatment.
  • Problems of appearance can be salved by means of modern medical and aesthetic cosmetology and dermatology, but if they require detailed correction, then only by means of surgical intervention.
  • We stand up for a complex approach while salving problems, therefore the surgeon always suggests that the patient should consult a dermatologist, a cosmetician and other experts. They will not only prepare you for the operation, but will also conduct the postoperative rehabilitation.
  • Our clinic is versatile. On the site you will find information on all medical directions presented in the clinic. You can always address our experts concerning problems not connected with operations: cosmetic care, skin treatment and other diseases.
  • If after detailed consultation you decide to make use of our services, our experts will talk to you about the day and time of rendering service, its price and also the day and time of examining your health.
  • When you come to take the surgeon's advice it is possible to coordinate/solve with him the question of postoperative stay in a luxury ward.
  • In case a patient comes to the clinic from a district of Latvia or from a foreign country and there is a necessity/indication/desire to prolong the rehabilitation period in hospital conditions under the medical supervision, wards of economy class can be provided.
  • It is very important for the surgeon to know the peculiarities of your health (intolerance to this or that medication, chronic diseases, allergic reactions, undergone operations, cases of blood transfusion, etc.) These data will help to reduce the risk of eventual postoperative complications to a minimum.
  • There is an obligatory preoperative examination.
  • In some cases the doctor can recommend additional examinations: mammography, ultrasonography ultrasound examination of mammary glands (for operations on mammary glands), X-ray of the nose and paranasal sinus (for rhinoplasty), Doppler ultrasonography of the leg vessels (changing the form of the shin), ultrasonic examination of internal organs (for abdominoplasty), etc. Some more experts may be consulted: neuropathologist, endocrinologist, dietician, phlebologist, oncologist, gynecologist, dentist, ENT specialist, etc.). In our clinic we always make pre and postoperative photos.
  • If an operation involves endoprosthesis (implants), they are chosen during the consultation.
  • The Final document on your decision/desire to make use of the medical service in our clinic is “Agreement for Carrying out Medical Procedures and Surgical Operations” in which a concrete date of service is indicated. It comes into force on the day of signing.
  • When planning a date of operation, women need to consider, that surgical interventions should not be done during menstruation, since in this period coagulability of blood changes.
  • A visit to a cosmetologist, dermatologist and oncodermatologist will help to reveal your type of skin, contra-indication to this or that procedure; it will help to pick up the best program for care or treatment. Recommendations of doctors are based on the data of skin diagnostics, additional examinations and full anamnesis.
  • Algologist/Pain Expert сonsulting (Pain Syndrome Treatment). Diagnostics/treatment of chronic and sharp pain of the musculoskeletal system (muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones). In attention focus - problems/spinal diseases being shown painful feelings in various areas of a body (hands, feet, neck, shoulders, thorax, lumbus), stiffness, limited mobility, loss of force and numbness of the limbs. The pain expert will make the individual program of treatment and will help to develop the algorithm of behavior which will interferes with pain emergence during operating time and rest (physiologically correct/convenient poses, motion activity, a complex of preventive exercises, life and space ergonomics). For patients: it's desirable to have the document-results of a previous tests and treatments, the conclusions of experts about general state of health/ diagnosis, list of previously used drugs (drug history). Prior to consultation to patients are requested to complete a special questionnaire for the analysis of the musculoskeletal system.
  • While discussing problems which excite you, it is necessary not to conceal the data important for the doctor. A good dialogue will depends on your openness and confidence in the doctor.
  • Detailed and confidential conversation during your visit is a serious application for parity cooperation, benevolent partner relations and interaction for the creation of your new image. Most important is to find a unique and correct decision which will be realized into a complex of medical procedures.
  • Unity of your hopes and our possibilities is the surety of optimal aesthetic results.
  • Planning your visit to an expert of our clinic please call us to find out when the expert you need is available for you. Our phones: +371 67333322, 67579208.
  • If you sign up for a visit but your plans change, please inform our managers by phones: +371 67333322, 67579208.
  • Cash
  • Credit cards: Master Card, Visa, Union, Maestro.
  • Bank transfer

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