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Plastic aesthetic surgery

Plastic aesthetic surgery

It’s a real challenge to decide to rejuvenate yourself surgically. But if you are sure, that it will improve your appearance, increase your self–estimation and give you a sensation of happiness – don't hesitate and take a bold step towards your new image. We can help anyone who does not want to be reconciled with the years and appearance imperfections. Our progressive operational equipment, little traumatizing techniques, high professionalism of the surgeons is a guaranty of optimal aesthetic results. In this section you can familiarize with all versions of transformation and choose a kind of operation necessary for you.

  • Endoscopic lifting of the middle part of the face
  • SMAS-lifting
  • Eyelid plastic (Blepharoplasty)
  • Organ-friendly lifting by Dr. Med. Eduard Yurshevich method
  • Chin plastic (Mentoplasty)
  • Endoscopic lifting of forehead and eyebrows
  • Liposculpture (authored by Dr. Med. Eduard Yurschevich - Lipex)
  • Liposuction of different areas of the body
  • Anterior abdominal wall plastic (abdominoplasty)
  • Navel plastic (umbilicoplasty)
  • buttocks plastic (gluteoplasty)
  • Plasticity of the outer and inner surface of the hips
  • Shin Plastics - Elbow Elbow Removal (Cruroplasty)
  • Shoulder inner surface plastic (brahioplasty)
  • Hand plastic (lipofilming)
  • Enlarging the size and shape of the mammary glands through implants (mammoplasty)
  • Reduction of mammary gland size and constriction (reduction mammoplasty)
  • Tightening of mammary glands (mastopexy)
  • Mammary gland recurrence
  • Correction of shape and size of areoles and nipples


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