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Image operations - changes in face proportions

Image operations - changes in face proportions

Eyebrows are capable to give more expressiveness to your look and make it more attractive and younger. Imperfection of eyebrows can spoil a most beautiful face. Eyebrows are also subject to age changes. To salve this problem there is an effective, simple and absolutely predicted operation. Endoscopic lifting is performed as a separate operation (technology of direct lifting of eyebrows), and can also be an addition to the plastic reconstruction of the forehead in a combination with Blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids.

What is your problem?
  • In the course of time the tips of the eyebrows have lowered.
  • Cross wrinkles were formed; the skin became flabby, especially on the sides of the forehead.
  • The external edge of the upper eyelids has lowered, there are wrinkles at the eyes' corners, in the nose bridge area and the tip of the nose has drooped.
  • The lowered eyebrows or their wrong configuration were inherited.

What age is good for operation?
It depends on one's self–perception and self–esteem. Usually the lifting of the eyebrows and the forehead is in demand by women from 40 till 60 years who want to eliminate a "heavy" look and to reduce the signs of ageing. Can be recommended to patients of any age if they have wrinkles on the forehead and their eyebrows have lowered.

What age is good for operation?
It depends on one's self–perception and self–esteem. Usually the lifting of the eyebrows and the forehead is in demand by women from 40 till 60 years who want to eliminate a "heavy" look and to reduce the signs of ageing. Can be recommended to patients of any age if they have wrinkles on the forehead and their eyebrows have lowered.

Serious cardiovascular, infectious and oncological diseases, uncontrollable high blood pressure, problems with blood coagulability, diabetes, disease of the thyroid gland, complete loss of skin elasticity, serious damages in the frontal area and in the upper third of the face.

Duration: 1 hour and less.

General combined.

The postoperative period
You can be released from the hospital on the same or next day. A few days after the operation light swelling can be observed. The sutures are removed on the 4–5th day. In a month it's difficult to find the scar.

Complications and risks
Development of common surgical complications is possible.

All people are different as different are their characters and lives. But one desire unites all of them without exception – a striving for perfection. There are many defects of an aesthetic kind, which can be salved only surgically. Modern plastic surgery prefers minor traumatic techniques, even when it introduces implants. Really widely they are used in facial surgery. These invisible architects of beauty help to create harmony of facial proportions.

What is your problem?
  • A small chin.
  • Insufficiently developed and oblique chin.
  • Congenital deformation of the chin.
  • A heavy, protruding, disproportionate chin.
  • Lower jaw is too narrow.
  • An obvious atrophy and thinning of soft tissues in the cheekbones area (effect of the sunk down cheeks).
  • Asymmetric cheekbones.

What age is good for operation?
Not earlier than 18 years (if there are aesthetic defects in the area of the cheeks, the chin and the cheekbones). The main indication for an operation is your desire to get rid of the obvious imperfection of your face. The main objective of such operations is a reconstruction of the correct, aesthetically balanced parts of the face. Women are very good at hiding insignificant defects with well applied cosmetics. But no rouge or shades can veil the asymmetry of cheekbones and will not make a normal chin if it does not exist at all. A plastic operation is necessary. Doctors advise to have it when the bone tissue (after 23–25 years) is generated.

Serious cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, uncontrollable high arterial pressure, oncological diseases, problems with blood coagulability, diabetes, disease of the thyroid gland, complete loss of skin elasticity, serious damages in the chin areas and in the lower third of the face.

In our clinic
We use high–quality implants approved by the European Committee of Medical Guarantees and Qualities of Materials in Plastic Surgery – EQUAM. We prefer companies–manufacturers which have an irreproachable reputation in the market and produce implants of special purpose, various configurations and work under individual orders. Every implant has a passport with initial data about the endoprosthesis and the firm.

Duration: from 1 till 1,5 hours (depending on the volume of surgical manipulations).

Operation on a chin
It is performed to achieve harmony between the forehead, the nose, the lips and the chin and also to make the face look attractive. For this purpose the chin is enlarged or reduced.

Operation on lateral parts of the lower jaw
It is made for patients with narrow lower jaws.

Duration of operation
From 40 minutes till 1 hour.

Operation in the cheekbones and cheeks area (enlargement)
Made for those with atrophy (reduction of the tissues size) of fat tissues. It is more often demanded by patients of the mature age – 50 years and older. Paired silicone implants are used.

Operation in cheekbones and cheeks area (reduction of the size)
Rather complex operation during which the surgeon grinds the bone tissue. Hypostases, hematomas and, certainly, a minor painful syndrome will keep within two weeks. Strict observance of recommendations (restriction on physical activities, eating only liquid food, applying ice to the problem zone or processing it with special preparations, etc.) is necessary. The final result of the operation is estimated approximately in 6 months.

All the listed operations can be added with elements of liposculpture and planimetric, volumetric plastics to achieve full harmony of the features and rejuvenation of the face.

General combined.

The postoperative period
A hypostasis keeps on the first few days; by the end of the second week it dissipates. Depending on patient's peculiarities he can be recommended to bear a special bandage within the first week after the operation. In a week it is possible to come back to a usual rhythm of life. For a few days you may have a false sensation of an alien body. In 2–3 weeks you will forget about the operation and will enjoy the new image. If the surgeon chose an operational access through the skin, then the sutures are not removed and resolve within 7–10 days. For some time it is necessary to abstain from sports, serious physical activities, hot baths, sun decks, and cosmetological procedures on the face. Preliminary results may be seen right after the operation, the final one – in 4–6 months. For the period of rehabilitation the surgeon gives you individual recommendations, guided by yours health.

Complications and risks
As after any other plastic operation, there can be a hypostasis and a temporary decrease in skin sensitivity.

Volumetric chubby lips of woman have always been considered as a symbol of sexuality. They are considered ideal when the upper lip is slightly thinner than the lower one and sex–appealing when they have volume. Not every woman is granted with such lips by nature, but the aesthetic medicine today can help every woman to have this sensual accent on the face.

What is your problem?
  • Small wrinkles are formed around the lips, the upper lip became thinner, and the lower one has a tendency to sagging.
  • The upper lip is thin and short. Even when the mouth is closed the front teeth are visible.
  • With the years the lips have lost the former volume.
  • Thin lips, folds and wrinkles around the lips.
  • Congenital defect of the lips.
  • There are benign new growths on the lips (cyst, papilloma, fibroma, and angioma).
  • Asymmetry of the lips.
  • The form of the lips – discrepancy of the upper and lower lips volume.
  • Drooped lower lip.

What age is good for operation?
With the listed problems available, you can apply to experts of aesthetic medicine for help from 18 years of age. There are no age restrictions here.

Infectious diseases, aggravation of chronic diseases of all aetiologies and localizations, oncological diseases, problems with blood coagulability, diabetes, disease of the thyroid gland, complete loss of skin elasticity of the lips, intolerance of the preparation components which is to be used, impairment of immune system, serious damages in the lips area, propensity to allergic reactions.

There are two ways to salve the problems
Application of a certain kind of plastics depends on medical indications and a desired result.

Surgical plastics of lips
It is recommended when it is necessary to change the form of lips considerably (drooped lower lip; removal of cicatrices, cysts, and also papillomas, fibromas, angiomas and other new growths, outgrowths; correction of the form of the mouth with accrete corners, various congenital defects, reduction of the lips size).

Planimetric volumetric plastics of lips
It is recommended, when the woman does not accept the form, the volume, the asymmetry of the lips and age changes. Correction of aesthetic defects is carried out by means of introduction of biogels or man's own fat tissue (lip filling). The form and the volume will depend on the method of introduction and the amount of gel or auto fat. Techniques differ not only on used materials, but also on the purpose and the result preservation term.

Duration: 15–30 minutes.

The choice of injection material
It depends on the condition of the lips skin, the depth of wrinkles around the mouth, the purpose of correction and the desirable duration of preparation activity. This procedure is effective and safe, if quality materials are applied. Duration of the effect is determined by the preparation period of validity. On the average this period makes 4–6 months.

In our clinic
We prefer the preparations Surgilips® , Juvederm® Ultra 4 from company Allergan (USA) and Teosyal Kiss, created in the Teoxane laboratory (Switzerland) which are specially developed for the lip area. The effect is 12 months. It is applied to correct the contour, increase the volume of lips, eliminate wrinkles around the mouth, lift the mouth corners and humidify lips.


After the procedure
The result is visible at once. Stay in hospital is not required. Insignificant hypostasis or small bruises are possible. To accelerate healing, on the first days cold compresses are necessary several times a day. To improve the condition of lips after injections, light massage and physiotherapeutic procedures are recommended. Within a month it is necessary to abstain from a sauna, a sun deck and physical activities. Sometimes the volume decreases and the lips contour changes (within a month after the procedure). In this case an additional injection in 1.5 months is recommended.

Complications and risks
Very rare – around 1%. They can arise because of inflammation, allergic reaction to the preparation or condensation of the biogel. You can avoid complications, if you pay attention to the contraindications to this procedure, high quality preparations and if this procedure is performed by a skilled expert.

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