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Aesthetic medicine Aesthetic cosmetology

Aesthetic cosmetology

Aesthetic cosmetology

Dermatologists and cosmeticians are assured: skin is a reflection of person’s health. Even a smallest pimple or a speck can signal that some pathology “has lodged” in the organism. Skin metamorphoses, even the most insignificant ones is a cause for anxiety and a visit to a medical institution. Problems of the skin are also wrinkles, dry or excessively fatty skin, cuperose, cicatrices and many other skin troubles. Whatever they were, consultation of dermatologist/dermatocosmetologist is necessary to you.

The reasons of “strange” changes of skin conditions are rather diverse and symptoms of serious diseases show up slowly. Actually a doctor can recognize abnormal changes of skin at first sight as the basic diagnostic tools of the dermatologist/cosmetician are his sight and the unique SIAscope Mole Mate. It is the most exact device for early diagnostics of skin diseases, developed for oncologists, dermatologists and cosmeticians.

Just a few seconds of painless scanning of a problem skin area and the data obtained from the scanner (SIAscanes) are transferred to the computer and instantly processed. The doctor can receive an enlarged dermatoscopic image of the necessary skin area and analyze its five level-by-level color images — arrangement of melanin, dermal melanin, hemoglobin, collagen, etc in it. SIAscanes are kept in computer memory and if necessary they are used for further examinations. The doctor has an opportunity to look through new growths in dynamics. Accuracy of diagnostics with the scanner SIAscope is more than 90 %.

The majority of skin problems are diagnosed by external manifestation, therefore consultation of the dermatologist in our clinic is always internal. Laboratory researches are performed if necessary. Diagnostics is only the beginning of your recovery and deliverance from your problems. The way to beautiful and healthy skin is not only efforts of a competent doctor but also your trust and strict observance of all recommendations.

Our medical-diagnostic programs permit to cope practically with all skin problems, including those of infectious-allergic origin. Common schemes in therapy cannot exist a priori, each program is individual. We recognize and practice complex examination, treatment and techniques — such is indeed a strategy that gives effective and persistent result. We apply preparations, technologies, hardware techniques of the new generation as well as means of classical dermatology to treat skin diseases and aesthetic defects. For improvement of skin condition we develop special preventive programs. If changes of the skin are connected with diseases of internal organs, the dermatologist will direct you to a profile expert. Diagnostics and treatment of new growths on the skin is a prerogative of a dermatologist-oncologist. If you do not wish to be reconciled with wrinkles and a bad complexion, you will be helped by a dermatologist/cosmetician. His advice and therapy is a rejuvenation and improvement of your skin structure.

Whatever changes we have in our life thirst to stay young we start to experience after 25 years. To the inevitable biological withering new problems experienced by our skin during the different periods of life are added. It can badly stand heat and cold, pollution and stress, may be irritated after peeling and laser therapy. It may be whimsical and sensitive, covered with pimples and red spots, may not perceive cosmetics. Even the dietary intake can affect its condition. But whatever changes the skin may have, it loves to be looked after. It is very important to find means which can satisfy completely its needs and solve problems. The clinical line of dermatological preparations which our clinic today has will help each patient to have healthy and beautiful skin. Today we solve this problem conceptually in a new fashion.

We always pay special attention to cosmetological programs which we have developed and prescribe to our patients for a classical care of the face skin and the body, and also before any skin injuring manipulations (aesthetic operations, laser rejuvenating therapy, chemical peelings). The meaning of these programs is a fast improvement of its condition. The programs are based on the most qualitative and effective cosmetic lines. But it has always been insufficient for us. We have staked on dermatological care which will be performed by doctors in clinical conditions.

Today we offer patients ampoulised (in ampoules) preparations of pharmacological line for external application and specific disposable masks (transdermal anatomic plasters) which are used in dermatology. This new generation masks are very skintight. They are impregnated with active substances which get not only into the superficial layer of the skin (epidermis) but much deeper — into the derma. The medical concept of our clinical line enables to use hardware techniques — in this case iontophoresis.

Universality of the line enables to apply these preparations for treatment of some skin diseases, and also to essentially improve the skin condition, including them in addition to any programs of classical cosmetological care. The clinical line of care/treatment opens new opportunities for preparation of skin for invasive manipulations and adaptation after them. At the heart of the clinical line philosophy lies the nowadays popular concept of synergetic influence on improvement of skin.

It is not cosmetics and not even cosmeceutics. They are medicinal dermatological preparations which make it possible to carry out effective clinical care for reparation (restoration) of skin. They are adapted for its different types and changes. The basic components both in ampoules and in transdermal plasters-masks are synergistic. The preparations components are ideally balanced as far as their contents are concerned which are necessary for the skin for preventive measures and in treatment of various dermatological problems. Clinical line is a fruit of research-work by experts of pharmaceutical research laboratories in France and Italy which specialize on manufacture of preparations for dermatological purpose. All preparations have passed clinical tests. The line was specially created by the order of our clinic and will be applied only here. Analogues do not exist.

While developing formulas and reports of procedures we used the long-term statistics which have been kept in our clinic: the age of the patients and the condition of their skin, parameters of the skin structure of the patients wishing to make this or that invasive manipulation, types of the skin and its change, ethnic characteristics, skin requirements of the European inhabitants, the clinical course and problems of the rehabilitation process, used cosmetological programs and means, methods and even the character of performance of plastic operations in our clinic.

Programs of care/treatment based on the preparations of the clinical line enable to improve the trophism (nutrition) of the skin, to adjust microcirculation/delivery of necessary substances and oxygen to the skin cells and saturate them with active substances as much as possible. In other words, to restore the exhausted reserve abilities of the derma and to create a high-grade depot of its structural elements, to enforce the synthesis of its own collagen and elastin, to raise the skin’s moisture and turgor and its ability to resist to free radicals, etc. The procedures are comfortable; preparations are injected through the skin locally. The hardware technology ensures their maximal acceptance and penetration. The procedures can be recommended, as regular for those patients who need more dermatological care rather than cosmetological, and also before all skin injuring procedures (aesthetic operations, laser rejuvenating therapy, chemical peelings). Opportunities of the clinical line give additional guarantees on obtaining excellent results of your skin improvement.

Who should reflect on a course of such procedures?
The skin condition is the main parameter for motivation and prescriptions. For each case there is its own solution. It is conditionally possible to define these three directions:

  • preventive care;
  • preparation of problem skin for invasive interventions (prevention of probable complications);
  • rehabilitation (restoration of the injured tissues trophism, barrier functions and characteristics of skin, acceleration of the healing process).

Skin is called a problem one if by virtue of some reasons it has certain changes: aged and poorly elastic, thin and sensitive, with lowered regeneration of tissues, with skins eruptions, dry, very dry, inclined to hypostases or hyper pigmentation, with increased fragility of the vessels, injured, fat, with infectious lesions, etc. The sense of programs is the maximal completion and reinforcement of the reserve abilities of the skin. The dermatologist/cosmetician, if necessary with participation of the plastic surgeon, will prescribe an individual scheme to the patients, proceeding from their skin condition, as well as its potential/real reaction to an invasive procedure or operation. All problems are solved in complex.

Duration: 30–40 minutes. Algorithm of the double stage procedure: external application of an ampoulised preparation onto the skin and assurance of its deep penetration by means of iontophoresis. The next step is imposing of an anatomic transdermal plaster impregnated with active substances, which reach the level of derma. A recommended course is 10 procedures. In each concrete case a procedure differs only by choice of medical dermatological preparations. The programs have address purposes.

Programs for improvement of skin conditions:
  • Propensity to hyper pigmentation, the phenomena of depigmentation, age dyschromia
    The procedures promote the progressive clarification of skin, reduce the synthesis of melanin and reduce the activity of pigmentation right after the first application. They raise the barrier functions of skin, activate its humidifying, restore its natural protective barrier, etc.
  • Oxygen and reinforcement of cellular breath
    Adverse ecological conditions, stresses and bad habits lead to the skin hypoxia. This program is for smokers, fans of sunburn, and also with any manifestations of hypo oxygenation (lack of oxygen). It will be effective for patients with chronic diseases of the respiratory system wishing to make laser procedures/chemical peelings. The task of the program is to reinforce the tissues oxygenation, to saturate with moisture, to activate the reparative opportunities of the skin, to accelerate healing after aggressive procedures, to stimulate synthesis of collagen and elastin, all exchange processes, to raise the skin’s tonus and elasticity, etc.
  • Reinforcement of the tone and reparation of the tired, stressor fat skin
    Indications: postacne, expanded pores, problems with seboregulation, increase/expansion of pores, presence of solitary elements of acne, gravitational ptosis. The procedures produce powerful and pronounced restoring, toning up, pore narrowing, seboregulating effect; they accelerate reparative processes, level the skin and improve its color, raise the antioxidant protection, enable to suppress inflammatory components, and prevent the development of inflammatory processes after laser polishing and chemical peelings. Even after the first procedures you will notice the increase in density and increase of the skin elasticity, acceleration of reparative processes and wound healing. This program is recommended to patients at the age after 30–35 years.
  • Raising of the tone and reparation of tired, stressor, thin and dry skin, with problems of seboregulation, supersensitive and irritated skin
    Beautiful stimulation of its own reparation, calming effect, pronounced reduction of thermaesthesia, restoration of the protective barrier and natural moisture plus additional humidifying. Loss of moisture in the skin stops even after the first procedure. Puffiness is removed and reactance of a skin as a whole decreases. After manipulations injuring the skin (aesthetic operations, laser rejuvenating therapy, chemical peelings) there is a pronounced reduction of thermaesthesia — calming effect.
  • Lifting and reinforcement of the tone of the mature, aged skin
    It is recommended as a basic cosmetological procedure and also in the period of preparation for invasive manipulations and rehabilitation of patients during pre-menopause and menopause (women after 45 years). These procedures will change the skin of men after 55 years. One of the most expensive delicacies — sturgeon caviar has long been loved by the skin. The pronounced biostimulating action, restoration of the volume of fermentative reactions, increase of the activity of tissue exchange, supply of the skin with exclusive nutrition, rendering of restructuring action, reinforcement of synthesis of new collagen, increase of antioxidant protection. The procedures can be combined with cosmetic care. After aesthetic operations/laser rejuvenating therapy/chemical peelings even during the first week you can see the increase in density and increase of skin elasticity, acceleration of reparative processes and wounds healing.
  • Treatment of acne of light and medium-scale severity as well as correction of fat, problem skin
    The complex program. It is recommended for effective correction of acne, acne-like conditions and preventive measures from presenilation of skin, as well as in the period of preparation for skin injuring manipulations (aesthetic operations, laser rejuvenating therapy, chemical peelings) and rehabilitation after them. The procedures can also be used during the course of system therapy with retinoids. Pronounced anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and seboregulating effect. Inflammations are suppressed, pores are narrowed, manifestations of the acne decrease and the skin brightens. The natural protective skin barrier is restored, active humidifying is carried out. The procedures are good preventive measures from development of inflammatory changes after aggressive influences.
  • Deep humidifying and restoration of the dehydrated, sensitive, injured skin
    As an indication for the procedures is the presence of generalized dermatosis, psoriatic neurodermatitis in the stage of remission. The program also considers the requirements of patients with deficiency of body weight. There are a lot of people with dehydrated, over dried and exhausted skin. This program is the “first aid” for such skin. The procedures will also optimally prepare dry and sensitive skin for injuring manipulations (aesthetic operations, laser rejuvenating therapy, chemical peelings) and will help during the rehabilitation after them. The super humidifying complex plentifully saturates skin with moisture, ensures restoration of its natural protective barrier and reduces evaporation of moisture from its surface. It becomes covered with protective damp “veil”. The effect of the optimal moisture keeps a long time. Exchange and reparative processes amplify; the skin restores its natural properties.
  • Intensive nutrition and saturation of dry and very dry, peeling skin with active components
    Indications: the latent form of ichthyosis, ichthyosis-like conditions, hyperkeratosis, pigmentation and manifestations of accelerated skin ageing. We use a biologically active concentrate — a complex bioactive complex. It restores lipidic membranes. It has a wound-healing, reparative action; it extends the processes of microcirculation in skin. After the first applications of a humidifying transdermal plaster-mask it is possible to see transformation of the skin. The effect of revitalization and increase of the skin stability to stressor influences. The natural humidity of the derma and epidermis as well as their protective properties are restored. The exchange and reparative processes amplify. A calming effect comes after skin injuring manipulations.
  • Soothing and decreasing of the reactive state of sensitive, irritated and allergic skin
    The preparation which is used in the program possesses a universal softening and calming action. It considerably reduces the reactive “answer” of skin to damage. The antistressful anatomic transdermal plaster provides deep humidifying, pronounced decrease of thermaesthesia. It provides an anti-edematous and softening action. It effectively reduces reactance of skin as a whole. It makes a slight clarifying and pore narrowing effect. The procedures enable to achieve visible aesthetic results with atonic, tired and irritated skin.
  • Active drainage and reduction of puffiness in the eyes area
    The program is directed at solving problems of both aesthetic and medical character. It is a withdrawal of liquid from the intercellular space where it has a property to accumulate and cause various negative conditions (puffiness, weariness, “bags” and dark circles under the eyes, inflammations). The procedures are recommended also as an express preparation to injection methods (correction of mimic wrinkles with Botox®/Vistabel® or Dysport®) and Blepharoplasty and also after them. The whey-lotion includes a unique patented draining complex, which reduces the lymph viscosity and promotes intensification of its outflow from the infraorbital area. Puffiness decreases and the skin elasticity rises; vessels become stronger. You can enjoy a visible effect of rejuvenation and the skin quality improvement.

Ideal volumes and contours, smooth and elastic skin is an eternal problem and a treasured desire of the many at any age! We cannot offer our patients a miracle elixir of finding beauty, but from thousands of the newest technologies of the modern aesthetic medicine we find unique perspective innovations, enabling you to gain the best physical form and to alter the body. A novelty of the clinic: AW therapy is procedures by means of acoustic waves. In other words, a technology enabling to effectively eliminate fatty deposits, cellulites and to improve the condition of the skin.

When advancing in years, the problems with the figure are only aggravated. Our organism annually loses 1–2% of the general muscular weight and replaces it with fat. After 35 years, man’s muscular potential decreases by 500 grams annually. 90% of women have to recognize the presence of cellulites. The main problems in the waist area are the sides. They start to grow because of the micro blood circulation impairment, which provokes a defective delivery of useful substances and oxygen to the tissues. There are a lot of reasons for that: a wrong nutrition, inactive way of life, “slagging” of the organism, a bad condition of the veins, etc.

When the muscles and the skin are in tonus, the figure looks well shaped, and the silhouette appears more slender. Some people try to reconstruct their fattened bodies in fitness rooms; others try to change them by means of diets, the third hope for “fat burning” creams and masseurs. But the long-awaited effect comes slowly and requires a lot of pains, self-discipline and diligence. Not everyone can brag of will power and not all manage to achieve desirable and stable results. Though every one is desirous to create a “new” body quickly and for a long time!

The method which has added to the versions of beauty in our clinic was as if specially created for low-active and impatient people. To slim down and to solve the aesthetic problems of the skin, no special efforts are required. It is the easiest and at the same time effective “fitness” for the body which was developed by the scientists of the Storz Medical AG Company. Maintenance of slenderness or its finding is based on the action of acoustic waves which render deep influence to the skin, muscles and the subcutaneous fat. The fast result declared by the manufacturer, is proved by practice, it even surpasses the patients’ expectations!

We have a very strict system of priorities. When selecting new technologies the priority is always given to the two determining parameters: safety and efficiency. The Company Storz Medical AG for more than two decades is a recognized authority on development and manufacture of progressive equipment/systems for various branches of medicine where application of the AWT method is possible or necessary. It is already used in cardiology, orthopedics, traumatology, gastroenterology, otorhinolaryngology, urology, neurology, sports medicine, etc. Today the innovative technology of Storz Medical confirms its efficiency and reliability in Aesthetic Medicine.

The program of hardware procedures is intended for all those wishing to be in a beautiful form. For this purpose you will need a course of figure correction, consisting of 10 procedures, and then only procedures to maintain the result (once in three months) are required. AW-therapy can be recommended to women and men who are not indifferent to the condition of their body/skin and who wish to cope with imperfections of their figures urgently.

A new generation device D-ACTOR® 200 Storz Medical with AWТ patented technology have been developed for intensive decrease in volumes, owing to the accelerated destruction of fatty cells, increase of the skin elasticity, elimination of cellulites manifestation. Its action is based on the use of peak acoustic waves of high energy. They are generated outside the patient’s body and precisely transferred into the deep layers of tissues in the form of high-frequency fluctuations.

It provides effective toning up for the muscles, the albuminous exchange, the blood circulation and the lymph in problem zones (lymph draining effect) improve; the removal of superfluous liquid and toxins, the delivery of oxygen and metabolism of the cellular energy are stimulated, rejuvenation of the cells is carried out, the trophism of tissues considerably improves. The fatty depots are broken, the quantity of the hypertrophied fatty cells promptly decreases and accordingly the volumes of fatty deposits sharply decrease (for 2-3-4-6 cm in diameter — an individual parameter). If diet is observed, this parameter can increase up to 10 cm. Splitting and removing of fats occurs naturally, the common metabolism is not broken. The body weight decreases, the silhouette gains slender contours.

AW-therapy is a radical, and at the same time noninvasive (the integument is not broken) anti cellulites method. It enables to eliminate the skin surface deformation, which looks like a tuberous orange peel. The procedures help to return elasticity to the skin, especially on the places so much loved by cellulites — the thighs, the buttocks, the abdomen. It is the first effective hardware technology with a long-term result for treatment of cellulites at any stage! AW-impulses directly influence the fibrous tissue.

The flabby skin is tightened and smoothed, it becomes elastic. Manufacture of collagen, which improves the derma and the epidermis is stimulated. More compact tissue structures appear. The inclusions of fat/lymph (the density of a conjunctive tissue increases) become fewer. The muscular tone rises too. Even after the first procedure it is possible to see striking changes. The algorithms of AW action in treatment of cellulites and fatty deposits are not identical. The distinction is in parameters of waves and their focusing.

The patient should only lie easy on the couch when the doctor, using an individual “set” of functions and accessories of the device, will bring problems to nothing. Various nozzles (AW transmitters) are used to change the depth of acoustic waves penetration, adjusting it according to the configuration and the depth of the tissues which are influenced. Treatment with AW is comfortable and painless. Local anesthesia (cream) is not required. Energy rises gradually, and frequency of submission of medical impulses is adjusted depending on the threshold of the patient’s pain sensitivity. The threshold is a limit for fixing the procedure parameters. Preliminary cooling of treatment zones can reduce pain sensitivity if it is excessive.

Duration of the procedure
It is 30—40 minutes. Sessions of AW-therapy are performed out-patiently with an interval of minimum one day for assurance of full regeneration of tissues. But as a rule this procedure is done with a two-day break, i. e. 2 times a week. Rehabilitation after the procedure is not required.

The minimal course is 6 procedures, the full course: 10–12 procedures. The optimum number of sessions for each patient is determined by the doctor. The result of AW-therapy is apparent after the first procedure, strongly pronounced after the 3d session. The maximal and steady improvement of the tissues condition occurs after the end of the course (after 2 months). The result of treatment shows itself gradually. It has a prolonged and increasing character (synergetic effect). After the end of the course it keeps 9–12 months.

AW therapy. Range of application.
Pathological changes of hypodermic fatty tissues at cellulites (I — III stage), fatty hypostases, impairment in distribution of fatty tissues (ruts and bumps), languid connecting/muscular tissues, lymphostasis induration (congestion of lymph), skin fatty induration, fat metabolic disorders, fibrous changes in tissues, age reduction of the turgor of skin, imperfect structure of skin, gaining of a slender silhouette (decrease in volumes), as well as prevention of vascular diseases.

Zones of treatment
Manipulations can be made on many areas of the body where there are fatty “traps” and cellulites. Usually they are arms (from the elbow up to the shoulder), the abdomen, buttocks, the knee area, the front and the back surfaces of the thighs, the zones of the waist and the “riding breeches”, the external and internal sides of the legs.

Problems with blood coagulability, serious cardiovascular diseases, oncology, diabetes, arterial hypertension, epilepsy, implanted cardio stimulators, phlebitis, deep venous thrombosis of legs, pregnancy/breast-feeding, chronic hepatic or renal insufficiency, acute inflammatory processes in the treatment area, intake of anticoagulants, liposuction in the treatment area, operations on veins or legs (sclerotherapy). N. B. Preliminary doctor’s advice is obligatory!

By-effects and risks
Not revealed. There can be a slight reddening of the skin — a sign of blood supply improvement.

Right after the session any sharp movements and heavy physical activities are forbidden. It is necessary to drink half liter of water right after the procedure. Daily, during the whole period of treatment it is necessary to drink 2–3 litres of liquid (mineral water without gas, green tea) — to ensure an optimal removal of metabolism products from tissues. Balanced dietary/healthy nutrition is also preferable.

We stand up for a complex approach to any problem. Offering the AW-therapy, stimulating restoration of viability of tissues, destruction of fatty cells and elimination of cellulites, we are convinced that a steady aesthetic effect can be achieved with a complex program, which includes good lymphodraining and regenerative properties and is directed to improvement of blood circulation, activization of lipolysis and can tone up the skin.

For these purposes it is possible to use additionally: vibro massage, manual or hardware lymphodraining massage, treatment-and-prophylactic and vacuum massages, vacuum-and-roller lympho-drainage, muscle toning, thalassotherapy, ozono-therapy, cryo-saunas, ultrasound, mud, algal, chocolate, clay and dry thermo-active wrapping, balneotherapy (spa-capsule), contrast or circular shower, underwater massage, lifting and anti-cellulites procedures for the body. All these methods will enable to raise the efficiency of treatment. Which of the procedures are more preferable? The doctors of the clinic will advise you and will make an optimal program for correcting your figure. Also you’ll need dynamic physical activities: fitness, run, aqua-aerobics, swimming, exercise bicycle, bicycle etc.

It is necessary to understand, that figure correction by means of AW-therapy means elimination of local fatty deposits, but not adiposity. Even the most progressive technologies of aesthetic medicine cannot compete with irrepressible appetite, hypodynamia and total laziness.

“Dictators” of fashion for an ideal face and body, at last, have given women the right to be what they wish to be. But they have made it with reservations. Irrespective of silhouette and parameters, the body should have precise contours, and the face should not have traces of age. As to the skin, efforts should be directed to making it smooth and glamorous, and without a hint to the hair growing in “unnecessary” places. To help the skin to become perfect, a hi-tech device for laser epilation — MeDioStarXT Asclepion was created. Today we offer our patients the most careful and effective way of removing undesirable hair.

What is your problem?
  • Superfluous growth of rigid hair on the face and legs.
  • Increased growth of hair on arms.
  • “Short moustaches” above the upper lip.
  • Black hair on the light skin.
  • Superfluous growth of hair on the face and body.

What time is good for the procedure?
It depends on your self-perception and self-appraisal. Undesirable hair on the face and body is an aesthetic imperfection and problem. All women agree in opinion that hair on their body must be minimal. If you wish to get rid of hair for a long time, you can find nothing better than laser epilation. Laser MeDioStarХТ is effective and fast removal of hair of different color and thickness on any skin phototype. Computer assistance of laser MeDioStarXT permits to select an individual and optimal parity of energy of influence, frequency and duration of impulses. The reason of more serious cases of women? s hair, growing in unnecessary places, is hormonal impairments and genetic factors — a cause to visit endocrinologist and gynecologist.

It is a very fast procedure which has a steady and long-term result. Even after the first processing by a laser beam, your skin becomes ideally smooth. Influence of the beam is accompanied by a stream of cool air; therefore the procedure is practically painless and comfortable. Absence of unpleasant sensations makes the laser epilation an ideal method of processing delicate zones (area above the upper lip, axillary hollows, the zone of bikini, the intimate zone). Today the laser epilation is offered by many, but only technically perfect equipment enables to select an individual program for each patient and to make this process as much effective as possible.

Malignant new growths, diabetes, system diseases, cardiovascular diseases, infectious and chronic diseases of skin, skin disease in a stages of aggravation, heavy forms of varicose disease, pregnancy (relative contraindication), benign formations with the tendency to progressing, plural hyper pigmented nevuses, propensity of skin to occurrence of keloid scars, acute inflammatory processes, very sunburnt skin or recent (less than 2 weeks) sunburn on the skin, burns, grazes, acute form of a herpes. N. B. Preliminary consultation of the doctor is obligatory!

Procedure of hair removal
This procedure in our clinic is performed only by doctor-dermatologist. Duration of the procedure is 5-40 minutes (depends on the place of skin from which you want to remove the unnecessary hair). The fine result of the laser epilation is visible at once. It keeps for 1.5-2 months. To get rid of undesirable hair for longer time, it is necessary to have 3-5 sessions. Procedure does not cause any unpleasant sensations, in rare cases you can feel a slight pricking in the processable zone. Laser MeDioStarXT does not injure the epidermis, it is possible to make an epilation of hair of any type of skin, on any place of the body: on the upper lip, thighs, shins, breasts, in axillary areas, in the bikini zone, on arms .... Computer support for laser MeDioStarXT allows selecting individual and optimal parity of energy of influence, frequency and duration of impulses.

It is not necessary. The anesthetizing cream is applied in case of individual super sensitivity in the epilation zone.

After the procedure it is necessary to humidify and feed the processed places by special cosmetic means. Sunburn (natural and artificial) is undesirable during 1 week after a laser epilation. It is possible to luxuriate under the sun and in a sun deck in two weeks, using a sun-protection cream with SPF 50-60. During the first 3 days after a laser epilation it is not recommended to attend a bath, a sauna, a pool.

Complications and risks
They do not occur. In rare cases one can feel a slight pricking in the processable zone. In especially sensitive zones there can be a slight reddening which disappears shortly.


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