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Aesthetic medicine Aesthetic cosmetology The “Youth and beauty” code in Paris

The “Youth and beauty” code in Paris

The “Youth and beauty” code in Paris

Our doctors - dermatologists Ekaterina Vedenina, Evgenia Velenteychik and surgeon Vyacheslav Simonov visited Paris to attend the international congress of aesthetic medicine doctors - IMCAS World Congress. And now they share their impressions.

In recent years IMCAS World Congress has addressed the theme of “Youth & Age” in the field of dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. 345 scientific sessions presented by 800 world-renowned specialists, new surgical approaches, the Cadaver seminar, the latest news in the cosmetics industry – this is the knowledge that was available to the participants of the congress.

The participants shared experiences, their views and approaches, characteristics of each area of ​​dermatology and aesthetic medicine, talked about the peculiarities of work in their respective regions.

“I must admit that there are no groundbreaking technologies in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery right now. Such congresses are a way to gain experience only for young doctors, but for professionals, such as our doctors, they are a kind of a readjustment of watches, the opportunity to once again make sure that our level of professionalism is high, that we have developed unique methods and technologies that are still up-to-date and in demand,” said the head of the Lipex clinic Evelina Yurshevich.

The first IMCAS congress in Paris, that took place in 1994, was addressed to plastic surgeons and dermatologists. The goal of IMCAS is to bridge the gap in knowledge in the fields of plastic reconstructive surgery and dermatology, thereby creating a synergistic and mutually reinforcing “interface” between these two areas.

IMCAS today is one of the most high-profile international courses on Anti-aging medicine. The annual IMCAS World Congress is held in Paris in winter and hosts over 10,000 participants from 105 countries.

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