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Aesthetic medicine Aesthetic cosmetology Instant face lift with PRX-T33 peeling

Instant face lift with PRX-T33 peeling

Instant face lift with PRX-T33 peeling

Instant skin rejuvenation is most often associated with beauty injections. However, there is a method to achieve a better effect, without pain and rehabilitation – the PRX-T33 peeling for revitalization and instant lifting. After the procedure you can go into the world rejuvenated and beautiful on the very same day. Do it in the morning and shine in the evening!

PRX-T33 therapy is a facial cleansing procedure during which a special preparation penetrates the deeper layers of the dermis, stimulates and restores it. The procedure intensively rejuvenates the face, forming a collagen frame. The result is an instant lift, tightening the skin, smoothing the relief and reducing pores. After the peeling, the face does not redden, the skin does not peel. You can immediately apply decorative cosmetics.

Features of the peeling

The peeling contains several components, including trichloroacetic acid (TCA). This acid has previously been associated with a weekly rehabilitation period, facial scabs, and pigmentation. To obtain the lifting effect, it was required to undergo a course of painful procedures with a lengthy recovery time.

The combination of trichloroacetic acid and hydrogen peroxide has become a unique medical discovery: you can now give your skin a healthy colour, firmness and youth without injuries. The technique has allowed to neutralize the negative qualities of TSA and strengthen its stimulating effects. At the same time hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic that helps cleanse the top layer of the skin from impurities, fill it with oxygen and increase sensitivity to other preparations. The composition also includes kojic acid, which helps brighten and smooth the skin. The components of PRX-T33 act at the cellular level, providing a strong biorevitalizing effect, while not destroying the upper layer of the skin.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure itself lasts only 15-20 minutes. It can be carried out at any time of the year. No injections are made. First, the face is cleaned, then a few drops of the preparation are rubbed onto it along the massage lines, then it is washed off. The maximum that the patient can feel is a slight tingling and burning sensation, which does not appear visually after the procedure which. At the end of the peeling, a special nourishing cream is applied.

What problems can be fixed?

PRX-T33 peeling can be performed to combat age-related changes, as well as at a young age for treating skin prone to rashes (acne, blackheads), pigmentation, seborrhoea, removing striae and scars. You can successfully treat rosacea and acne. In most cases, the peeling helps combat these problems:

  • Chrono- and photo-ageing
  • Atonic, sagging skin
  • Superficial and deep wrinkles
  • Smoker's skin
  • Oily skin, enlarged pores
  • Atrophic acne scars
  • Hyperkeratosis
  • Hyperpigmentation and stretch marks.

Are there any contraindications?

There can be an allergic reaction to the components of the preparation, dermatitis and herpes in the active phase. The peeling is not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers. One should not carry the procedure out if there are wounds and abrasions on the face.

The procedure should be performed 4-6 times, not more than once per week. You can repeat the course once or twice a year. The procedure is done in a beauty parlour by a certified dermatologist. Peeling is not suitable for home use, since it contains acids of high concentration, which must be used with knowledge.


Consulted by a certified dermatologist Dina Mikhailova.

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